Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Doll-A-Day 187: Little Red Haired Girl

  No, that's not Charlie Brown's infatuation The Little Red Haired Girl. This is just a random little red haired girl.

I got her when I was a little kid.I have so many goofy looking red haired dolls that I bought as a kid. I guess I identified with them!
...and me.

This is her original dress. It's starting to deteriorate from age I guess, but then who isn't?

...and me. Hey! That's not fair! Where's her 'young' picture?! She didn't get any worse!

She's only about 5" tall, and has only the faintest of markings on her back. It kind of looks like a diamond.I tried to photograph it but it didn't show up. If anybody has any ideas what it is, please let me know. I'm sure she's one of those cheap, grocery store dolls.

She's not the doll I had in mind for today, but it was so cool and wet and overcast today I couldn't do the photo shoot I had in mind. Another day I guess...

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