Friday, July 25, 2014

Doll-A-Day 189: Furga Doll in a Flower?

  To start with, (I got tired of saying 'first of all'.), before anybody thinks I have forgotten about the lemon blonde Skipper from the Skipper Saturday of two weeks ago, I haven't. I just can't find her! I quite literally 'lost my head'! I know where I put her, but somebody has apparently moved her, and, as usual, all I get from them is "It wasn't me." To be fair, she may also have rolled somewhere. I didn't want to get her clothes wet and was too lazy to remove them, so I just removed her head instead. I'll keep looking. Her poor body is just standing there waiting for a head.
  Today's doll is by Furga.

I think she's supposed to represent some sort of flower. If anybody knows her name, please let me know.
Furga is an Italian company who also made the very highly sought after 'S Girls' dolls of the 60's.

The S Girls are so called because all their names start with S: Simona,Sylvie,and Shelia.
This doll looks alot like an S Girl, but she's shorter, about 12" tall. She'd make a great younger sister for them.

 She doesn't have quite the same eyelashes. The S Girls have almost fur like eyelashes. She also doesn't have the same gracefully curved arms they have. She does, however, have the same turned up nose and 'kissy' mouth.

She has such beautiful colouring.

 She's instantly recognizable as an Italian doll.
She and her clothes are in such nice condition too.
I got her over a year ago at an auction. Boxes of dolls were going super cheap, so I ended up with A LOT of dolls. I sold some, gave away a bunch to a lady setting up a place for kids to go in the summer,donated a bunch to Goodwill, and I still have loads left. There were a lot of Italian dolls, including an S Girl and a half. (Really.) There were so many Italian dolls that I even dreamed I was sorting Italian dolls.

 That's all for today. Tomorrow I'm going yard saling with Emma and one of her friends, so maybe some goodies for Skipper Saturday. I also have a story to tell and new goodies to share.

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