Saturday, July 26, 2014

Doll-A-Day 190: Skipper Saturday: Java Brown Sausage Curl Skipper

  Firstly, (See? I'm trying to vary my openings again.), welcome to our new follower Scott! Thanks for joining us Scott.
  For today's Skipper Saturday we're looking at a little lady that needed some rescuing. She still needs some, but we're working on it. She's a brunette Sausage Curl Skipper.

Sausage Curl Skippers have twist and turn waists, bendable legs, and rooted eyelashes, just like Twist and Turn Skippers. The sausage curl style was produced in 1969 and 1970. Unlike previous Skippers, she was only available in two hair colours: blonde or  'java' brown

 The sausage curl Skippers came in a different original swimsuit each of the two years of their production.The first was a one piece swimsuit with a checked top and a solid skirt. The second was an orange vinyl two piece swimsuit under a sheer orange cover-up with flowers and yellow vinyl trim.
When I got her her hair was standing straight up in one piece, and she was filthy. But then, that's why I got her so cheap.

Her hair is all there though, and thankfully the sausage curl style is easy to repair.
You might have noticed the other reason I got her so cheap:her missing thumb. She also has some chipping around her neck. She's awaiting a body transplant, but until then, she can display well if her hand is covered or behind her.

Her hair was washed and curled around a pencil! It was held in place with bobby pins until it dried, and voila! Sausage curls restored to normal! It's been a while, and I didn't notice until I looked at the pictures, that it's time for a bit of a redo. I replace her original orange hair ribbons, which were missing when I got her, with these red ones, since they match her outfit.

She still needs her eyelashes rerooted. She's missing quite a few. But her face paint is perfect.

Her mouth is an especially nice shade of dark rose.

She's wearing the Skipper fashion Patent and Pants from 1968.

Patent and Pants consists of a one piece 'jumpsuit', with faux denim bottom and polka dot top...

...the red vinyl jacket with 'brass buttons', lined in the same polka dot fabric as the top half of the one piece pants outfit...
The jacket has sort of a nautical feel to it.

...and red flats.
I like the way these pictures turned out. She looks like she's on a rocky outcrop at the beach.

There should be a red vinyl belt, which I am missing.
Careful if you have to wash this outfit: the pants can fade and the red belt loops bleed onto the shirt.
Patent and pants is made using the same pattern as the Skipper Pak fashion Summer Slacks, which came in a million different fabrics.

  Tomorrow I'll tell you that story I ,mentioned, and show you some new acquisitions.

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