Monday, July 14, 2014

Doll-A-Day 179: A Little Lady From Out of Town

  I'm not feeling very well today. I'm not sure if it's the heat, dehydration, or just the joys of being female, but I'm feeling really lousey, so I'm doing a short doll---literally! .She's this little doll that looks a bit like a giant Worry Doll.
She's checking out the corn.

As you can see, it's growing quite well. Emma was laughing at me Saturday because every where we drove I compared the corn in the fields to mine. "That corn is taller than mine.", "My corn is that tall." "See? That corn is about the same size as mine." But I'm paranoid that, with my black thumb, we won't get any corn from this!

She's about 2 and a half inches tall, so she's much bigger than a tiny Worry Doll.
She also wanted to check out the tomatoes.Her arms can move out from her sides. I think they probably have wires in them, but I haven't tried bending them yet.
This one I planted from the seed pod thing Fuzzy bought me has babies! I really love tomatoes. You have no idea how I'm looking forward to these!
I got her somewhere recently for a quarter I think.She has a lot of personality.

The cucumbers are also finally coming up like a storm. I almost forgot to plant them, so I hope I wasn't too late!
Here's one that I planted next to the rose bush Fuzz got me for Mother's Day, which is also coming up.(Yay! I love roses!) I was running out of room when I remembered the cucumbers. I'm not an organized  gardener. But, with the limited sunshine space I have, it's pretty much 'cram in whatever you can where ever there's room' anyway.

And whatever this is that just started in one of my amaryllis pots is about to do something. Maybe then I'll find out what it is!
It's on a long vine so I thought at first it might be a bean. They were outside so anything could have blown in.
The little lady looks South American or something.

  That's it for today. Join me tomorrow for another doll. Maybe I'll feel better by then!

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