Thursday, July 24, 2014

Doll-A-Day 188: Gene in The King's Daughter Plus a really lousey story

    First of all, WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE?! All summer The Selfish Giants, otherwise known as The Neighbors From Hell have been laying low. They haven't caused any trouble yet, so I have been over here waiting for the other shoe to drop, as the expression goes. Well, it finally dropped, but off of someone else's foot! The crabby neighbors on the other side have reared their ugly heads. Regular readers will know how hard I have been working on the vegetables I planted this summer. I have been watering and weeding and moving plants around like crazy. I had 8 or 10 stalks of corn that were 2 or 3 feet tall on the other side of our previous garage, (which we tore down last summer.). Yesterday I went out to check on them, only to find that they had been weed whackered down! Ken confronted the neighbor and was told he, (the neighbor, not Ken.), had cut them down because they 'looked disgusting'. Whaa??!! What looks disgusting about an innocent row of corn stalks? They were growing on our property too, so I don't care what they looked like, you can't cut them down! They were growing on a little foot and a half strip of dirt we own, beside the 2 or 3 feet of dirt they own, on the side of the house they never even come on except to mow that narrow strip of grass. They don't even have windows that overlook it. And there is a piece of fence at the start of it where their front yard ends and they fenced off the side from their front  yard. (And I might add that, all these years, there has been a piece of fencing that comes across from their property and was nailed TO our garage, which kept people from walking through that thin strip between their house and our garage.Obviously the previous owners of their house and this house managed to coexist rather well and worked together.) Ken asked what the guy was going to do to make amends. The guy said he would come up with something by the weekend. Today he came with two packets of corn seed. Yeah. That's going to make up for all the labour of digging and watering and weeding and all the time the stuff had been growing. That seed might not even grow by next year, and I certainly can't get anything by planting it this late in the year. What a stooge. I really can't stand that guy. I already couldn't stand him and his obnoxiously loud giant truck. (He ran their drain pipe under their fence and made it come out on our side. So it pours water and washes the dirt from the slight rise--the ground is higher than the driveway---out into our driveway. When I told him he would have to move it, he didn't even look at me or acknowledge that I was speaking. I waited. Finally I said, "I'm talking to you." "I hear you." He never did anything though, and I told him a second time. In the end I got tired of it and filled the pipe with dirt and rocks and buried it under rocks so I didn't have to look at it.Did I mention that I really can't stand that guy?
  Today's doll is one Ken bought me recently for a present,Mother's Day,I think. (Mother's Day is a couple of months after my birthday, and my presents for both were scattered over a couple of months, so I'm getting confused.) She's Gene in The King's Daughter.
Yeah, that's supposed to be her castle in the background. Don't make fun of me.

Since Gene is supposed to be a movie star, her doll titles are movie titles.

Would have been a great picture if it hadn't been for that stupid chair leg in the background.

But somehow trimming it out doesn't make it better.
The box to this Gene is much bigger than the normal Gene box, so it kind of gives the impression that the doll is bigger too. She's not though. I can see that the box might be wider, because her dress is huge. It didn't need to be so much taller though.

There's lots of nice detail to the dress.

I wasn't sure about this hairdo though. It looks like the king's daughter had a rough night. She's got a bad case of bed head.

Is anybody else getting Gillian Anderson out of this picture?

The hair is actually supposed to look like this though. I'm warming to it.

At least she's a red head.

 I feel like this doll should have elbow joints. She just needs to be able to grab that skirt and hitch it up and run. (Of course, the running would require some extra stuff too...)

Her choker, which is just a satin ribbon with a snap on it, kept turning around.

It's a shame her shoes don't show, because they are really nice. My camera didn't want to focus on them,so this is the best you get.

Gene is the creation of Mel Odom, and sold by Ashton Drake.

The latest Gene has a different look. She's more modern looking. I prefer the original Gene.

That's it for today. See you tomorrow.


  1. This red-head Gene puts me in mind of Maureen O'Hara in The Quiet Man - John Wayne was just behind the chair!
    I prefer this earlier face but I wish the eyes weren't so pale and why grey eyebrows - surely as a film star her eyebrows should be coloured in keeping with her hair.

    1. I agree with you on the grey eyebrows. On old Barbies I figure they have faded,but on Gene? Maybe?


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