Sunday, July 13, 2014

Doll-A-Day 178:A Doll of My Own Making: 'Mama Doll'

  I'm absolutely pooped and in pain after mowing the yard. So,while I kick off my shoe to try to ease the pain in my foot, (Nothing in particular wrong with it, I just have a lot of pain.), I am going to use some already taken pictures of a doll I made for today's doll.
 First of all, thanks to Emma for helping to clean up the look of the blog. She made it a little less cluttered so hopefully it will be a bit easier to look at. She also added Adsense. If you don't want to view the ads they can be blocked, I'm told. But at this point a few cents here and there will be a help. It's a trial run, so if there are complaints I can remove them.
  And while I'm thinking of it,Magic Attic Alison is attempting to do her part to help pay for the van repair. She is for sale on Ebay right now if anyone is interested. You can recognize her because I used the same pictures (plus a few for details) that I used on the blog post! I also finally have one of my hand made dolls on Etsy again too. It's my tiny one inch tall old lady that I featured on Doll-A-Day 132. She's doing her part to help pay for having the cement poured for my Dad's veteran's plaque which came in last week.
  A while back, on Doll-A-Day 87,I showed you Papa doll. Today I thought I'd show you Mama doll. Both have been sold, but their memories linger on...

 She has an upswept 'do. Her little lace shawl is removeable.

 You can see how small she is next to this quarter. Sorry the pictures are so tiny. Don't know what's going on here. If you want to have a proper look at her she can be seen on the slideshow on the Tamsykens web page, along with Papa and all the other dolls that I have already had to say goodbye to. (They have been sold.Sniff!)

Like Papa she has tiny sculpted thumbs and painted on shoes.

She's wearing a lace petticoat under that dress. I can't remember if I put bloomers on her or not. Probably.

Her head is wooden, and painted with acrylic paints, and sealed with a clear glaze.

She doesn't seem as expressive as Papa in these pictures, (Maybe he just has more to say.Whatever he's saying, she seems a bit shocked by it here...), but her little arms and legs are poseable too.They're felt covered wire.

Mama has red hair, and side glancing eyes. I made Papa to match her, so he has side glancing eyes too. When placed on the appropriate side they can look at each other. (Or not, if you want to have them made at each other...) Mama and two little girls in footie pajamas were sold to the same lady. She requested Papa to go with them. One of these days I'll show you the little girls.
  That's it for today. See you tomorrow.

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