Friday, July 4, 2014

Doll-A-Day 170: Skipper Saturday: Titian Twist and Turn Skipper

  For today's Skipper Saturday I am sharing another one of my favourite Skippers: titian Twist and Turn Skipper.

I have several titian Twist and Turn Skippers because those are my very favourite Skippers and I'm going to keep buying them until I get a perfect one!

Twist and Turn Skipper was only produced in 1968.She came in titian (red hair), blonde, or brunette.

The titian one is my favourite of the three, but the Twist and Turn Skipper in general is my favourite type of Skipper. I love the rooted eyelashes and the blushy cheeks. The shade of red hair is the best of all Skippers too.

This one needs a few eyelashes rerooted.
 This Skipper is wearing Beachy Peachy from 1967.

It looks like a nice little dress, from the front at least, but it's really a beach cover-up.
As the old panty hose commercial used to say, "Nobody knows until the wind blows."

Beachy Peachy consists of the cover-up, two piece swim suit, and yellow flats, along with a pink vinyl beach bag with a flower on the side.

I was going to remove the cover-up to show the bathing suit, but when I started to I realized something: I don't have the top half!

She was wearing the yellow flats in all but the 'beach' shots, but I now see that none of the pictures that turned out to be good enough show the shoes!

That's this week's Skipper. You may have noticed I've been having some issues with my camera recently. Hopefully they'll be straightened out tomorrow, so join me tomorrow for another doll.


  1. Perfect posing! I love her playing in the sand! Don't know what you mean but all the pics look awesome. I've been looking like crazy for a brunette! My blonde has no face paint and I'm not brave enough to do it. Thank you for sharing!

  2. I've had to adjust the exposure on so many of my pictures when I start to post and find that Fuzzy has set the camera dark again!I think some of them look a little unnatural! I have a few brunettes that are pretty decent, but I don't seem to be able to find many blondes that I can afford that haven't had at least a haircut. (One arrived with no nose! That was a bit of a shock, as it didn't show in the auction pictures and the description said she was perfect! To be fair, the lady gave me a partial refund and admitted she had better start wearing her glasses! I've been there!) If your doll is missing her face paint, you can't make her any worse! Go for it! Be forewarned though, don't use any old red acrylic, as it will bleed into the rest of the face! (Even if you just used a little to mix a pink or something.) I've done this, believe me! I've heard you should use Liquitex, or Golden Fluid Acrylics. I have never seen Golden Fluid around here, but Liquitex is everywhere. You're also supposed to use a sealer when you are finished to protect your work. Both companies make sealers. (Use matte finish for everything but what you want to look wet, like eyes, or maybe lips.)


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