Friday, July 4, 2014

Doll-A-Day 169: BFC Ink Aliesha

  Happy 4th of July! All my kids are too old to care about fireworks and sparklers anymore, so I will probably have a much earlier night than previous years!
  Yesterday I told you I made a haul at the local thrift stores. I made most of my finds at Salvation Army, too many to cover all at once.I'll be showing them to you over the next week or two.But today's doll is yesterday's Goodwill find. Literally.I spotted this BFC Ink Aliesha doll and bought her for $2 at our local Goodwill yesterday.
She says "Hi". BFC stands for Best Friends Club.

She was wearing the BFC Ink Fairy Princess dress,which is a bit short, especially without underwear. So After her clean up and conditioning/combout I dressed her in this BFC Ink Simply Sweet fashion I have had for a while.

BFC Ink dolls were made by MGA and discontinued a couple of years ago.

They're 18" tall. The same characters were also produced as a line of 11" dolls. The first wave of the larger dolls had the usual minimal articulation plus jointed knees, but the later dolls, like Aliesha, also have articulated elbows, wrists, and ankles.

The Simply Sweet fashion includes the cute shirt, shorts with little buckles on the pockets,a pink bag, and the yellow slip on shoes.

 I have some other BFC Ink dolls, but this is my first dark haired one, and my second of the more articulated ones.All my others are either Kaitlin or Addison. This is my first Aliesha.

 My first choices of the larger BFC Ink dolls would have been Gianna, Britt, or Yuko, but I buy what I find at thrift store or yard sales. So far those have eluded me.
Aliesha wanted to know, if so many of my other dolls have gotten to climb the pear tree,why can't she?

Oh, all right...

Her bangs look a bit uneven and choppy, but I don't think they've been cut.

She has a few scuffs and the bottom of her hair is a bit frizzy, but I can live with that. I might give her a trim. The thing I regret most is that her joints are kind of loose and she can't hold a pose as well as she should.Some of these poses were a challenge.
But she wanted to show you how well my corn is coming along...
Apparently I made a mistake. You aren't supposed to plant corn and tomatoes near each other because they attract the same parasites. Too late now. Besides,I'm all out of other places to plant anything.

But we can't figure out why the blooms on the biggest tomato plant look like they are going nowhere fast.
These tomatoes aren't near the corn, so what's up?
 As you can see, I don't plant a picture perfect 'garden' I have to utilize whatever sun The Selfish Giant and their fence have left me, so my 'garden' is scattered here and there in my yard. 
Tomorrow is Skipper Saturday. See you then.


  1. My daughter's is floppy too. Her hair was so horrendous I actually let me daughter cut it short. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Floppy joints and frizzy hair seem to be the weak points in these pretty dolls.


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