Monday, July 28, 2014

Doll-A-Day 192:Just Slightly Scary Blonde Boy

  Today is another doll that got a pretty good mark down at Salvation Army. I really couldn't, (and still can't!) decide if I like him or not. I figured I'd get him and if he continues to give me that slight creeped out feeling, I can always sell him!

He started out at $15.99, but he was marked down to $4.99. That's better, considering I'm not sure I like him.

I liked that he's a boy, because boy dolls are so few and far between. But then I began to wonder if he started out as a boy. He could just be a creepy girl with a hair cut.

He has freckles and pale blue eyes. I think it's the fact that they are so pale that makes him look so creepy.

He can be cute though.

Or somewhat menacing.

He's about 24" tall. He's wearing real baby clothes.

When I was buying him a customer at the register, and the clerk both said he looked like Chucky from the Child's Play movies. Eww!

I wish I could identify a maker on him. The only mark was this one, on the back of his head.
I still don't know what it says. EOY? BOY? EGY?Anybody familiar with it? Please let me know.

His legs and body are a hollow plastic that's different from his arms and head.

His head is made of a strange vinyl that's doing something weird in places,like on and  behind his ear.

He also has these weird areas that look like they should do something, but they are just strange molded in places.
And no, it doesn't push in or do anything.


If anybody knows who he is, let me know.

 Tomorrow I'll show you another Salvation Army rescue.

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  1. Hello, the logo you found is ledy aka Lili Ledy. You may be able to find more info by searching in Spanish, lili ledy muñeca.

    Good luck!


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