Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Doll-A-Day 194: Ratti Tjorven Doll

  A while back I showed a Ratti doll with a wicked grin.(Doll-A-Day 9, 9 January, 2014) I was told by one of our readers that she is a Tjorven doll, popular in Denmark and Norway in the 60's. Today's doll is her white-blonde cousin.

Here's what our reader said:  "This doll was very popular in Norway in 1960-1970. We really loved her.
Her Norwegian(and Scandinavian) name is Tjorven.She cames in light, dark and brown haircolors (and some other nuances), both long(most common) or short hair. And with orange pigtailes(Pippi). She is very popular among collektors in Norway and Denmark today."

I'm not sure if these dolls in the ethnic costumes are Tjorven dolls.For one thing, I don't know if Tjorven was the name of the character. Maybe it was, and the character appeared in different costumes. Maybe it's a different doll and just used the same molds. Maybe our reader Alice will give us some more information. Alice? 
I was stunned to find this girl at Salvation Army at the beginning of summer.

Especially since she's in her complete original outfit, complete with paper tag on the back...

...and her original price tag!

She has her bloomers, socks, and shoes.
There's even detail on her dress, under that lace shawl.

Her hat is stuffed with cotton to keep it's shape.

Her hair is a white-blonde.Her blue sleep eyes still have all their lashes.
Now that's a ton of freckles!
She has that same crazy grin as the other girl I showed, but her teeth are painted differently.

I think I like this doll's face better than my brunette's, but I prefer the other girl's hair and dress.

See you tomorrow for another doll.


  1. This is a Tjorven yes :-) I have about 70 of these dolls ;-) If you´re on facebook, look us up, the group called "Tjorven". You will find a lot of pictures of Tjorven :-)

    1. Thanks for the info Mailce. 70 of them! My kids think one of these dolls is too many! I don't think they could handle 70. I still want the Pippi Longstocking, so they may one day have to endure one more at least.

    2. You´re welcome. Let me know if you like to trade the brunette with one of my lovely Pippi Tjorven dolls :-)
      (Please delete if I have posted multippel replies)

    3. I'll have to think about it. I'll let you know.

  2. Great :-) I can send pictures, if you are interested after you´ve done thinking.
    Have a nice day :-)


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