Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Doll-A-Day 193: American Character Sweet Sue or Madame Alexander Mary Ellen 30" Walker Doll

  Today's doll is another Salvation Army mark down. Here's what she looked like when I brought her home.

She went from her original Salvation Army price of $49.99, through several mark downs, all the way to $4.99! That's when I snapped her up.

 She has no markings of any kind, but from my research she's either a Madame Alexander Mary Ellen walker, (At least some of them were unmarked.), or an American Character Sweet Sue walker. Mary Ellen dolls are apparently often mistaken for Sweet Sue. If anybody knows for sure how to tell who she is, please let me know.
She has a beautiful face, but she needs her lips recoloured, and her blush repaired.
And I love her poseability!

Mary Ellen was made only in 1955.Sweet Sue came in different sizes, and with a hard plastic head or soft rubber head.

This girl is about 30" tall. It was kind of hard to measure her because she kept wanting to sit down. She's strung, with elbow and knee joints.

She even has little pointy elbows.

She has some damage, including her right knee won't hold a straight position, making her unable to stand without support.There's a big crack just below the knee joint, in the back of the leg. She is a walker, but her bad knee keeps her from being able to walk more than a few steps when led by her hands.Then her knee just bends, and she often squats suddenly!
She looks vaguely like she's thrown her hip out of joint, but it's because her right leg wants to bend at the knee.
She has medium blue sleep eyes. Her head and arms are soft rubber, but her legs and torso are hard plastic.
She has a beautiful full head of rooted brown hair.

She had a few ringlets left in the back when I got her, but when I combed her hair to tidy it up a bit, I combed them out. I suppose they can be brought back if I were any good at curling hair, which I'm not.
As you can see, the hostas are blooming.

 See you tomorrow for another doll.


  1. Look under her hair on the back of her neck it might be an EeGee doll.

    1. Thanks for the suggestion, but she doesn't have any markings at all. Do you know which EeGee doll she might be, or all they all marked?

  2. I believe she is one beautiful doll. She is not a Sweet Sue or a Madame Alexander 1953 Mary Ellen because I have both. She could be a clone since there are no markings. I have a clone of a 1937 Composition Madame Alexander Portrait doll. Is she for sale?

    1. Thanks for the information. I was going to keep her, but she is a bit big. I wouldn't know what to ask for her, since I don't even know who she is. I have no point of reference. Would you like to make an offer?

  3. Did you ever find out what she was? She really did have a beautiful face. I assume you did sell her.

    1. I still have no idea who she is, but I do still have her.


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