Thursday, July 31, 2014

Doll-A-Day 195: La Dee Da Cotton Candy Crush Tylie

  Today's doll is La Dee Da Tylie.

This particular Tylie is from the Sweet Party line and is Cotton Candy Crush.

I have looked at the La Dee Da dolls in stores. They're sort of nice, but I didn't like them enough to pay store prices for them. I thought I might get one if I found it marked down enough or even at a thrift store or yard sale.

I have seen some really nice repaints too, which I might like to try doing if I had a cheap La Dee Da.

This one I found at a garage sale last week for a quarter. She has her original dress and shoes and, of her main accessories, she's only missing her hair ornament, a cotton candy.

She did come with a few other things, which really don't interest me much, so I'm good with it.

So while I might like to do a repaint, she's too complete to mess with, I think.

My first choice of a La Dee Da doll might have been a red head, or one of the dolls with the REALLY red, (Like fire engine red.) hair.

Or even this one, Cyanne as Peppermint Pose, also from the Sweet Party line.
  But this one is nice. I like her fluffy dress.

This La Dee Dad has arms that go out to the sides as well as up and down, and jointed knees.

She can't stand up on her own because her head is so heavy and her spindly legs collapse on her.

So while this looks really good, here's what was really going on:

La Dee Da dolls are made by Spin Master, which brought us the fantastically poseable Liv dolls.La Dee Da dolls are based on the idea that 'Dee' and her friends started a fashion line called 'La Dee Da'.

I was planning on taking these pictures this afternoon, when Emma arrived suddenly to borrow the camera, on her way to see Aretha Franklin at the Ohio State Fair. So I had to take them quickly: like, in a couple of minutes!

They turned out pretty well, for being done so quickly.
Tomorrow I'll tell you what happened yesterday. It turned out to be my very lucky day.

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