Friday, July 11, 2014

Doll-A-Day 176: Levi's Denim Rag Doll

  Today's doll is almost the last doll from last week's Salvation Army visit. She's this Levi's Denim Rag Doll.

She's from the 70's, but she's in such beautiful clean condition.

 The Levi's dolls were made by Knickerbocker, who also made Raggedy Ann and Andy at one point.

She has a brother, or a friend, a male counterpart at least. He has red hair.I almost always have found the girl though.

 Denim is always popular. Who hasn't worn blue jeans? During the Cold War blue jeans were one of the hottest commodities on the black market in the Soviet Union. But were they allowed to wear illegal jeans there? Be a shame to spend a year's pay for a pair of blue jeans you could only sit around the house in.
Come back here and get your picture taken!
Levi's are named after Levi Strauss.

Levi Strauss
The man who patented blue jeans, (In 1873,with Jacob Davis, the inventor of riveted denim pants.), and was the owner of the first company to produce the All American blue jean was actually born Löb Strauß,, in Buttenheim, Germany in 1829.

What a cute little...rivet?...nose.
At the age of 18 Levi moved with his mother and sisters to join his brothers in New York, where they had started a dry goods business. Eventually Levi moved to San Fransisco to open a west coast branch of the family business. It was there that the first blue jeans were produced. And that's a typical American success story: the maker of something 'typically' American came from somewhere else. That's 'typically American'.

 She has cute little tennis shoes.

The van problem is getting worse, so this girl is definitely going.Today Ken took the van in and found out that the repair is going to cost over $600!! There's a leak in the radiator and the water pump. That's why yesterday, even when I filled the coolant holdy thing, it was still overheating. I could hardly run Ken and Fuzz back and forth to work/home without blowing up the van.
  I will also be listing some of the dolls I have made on Etsy as soon as Emma can come over and remind me how to do it. (It's been a while since I listed anything on Etsy, in spite of wanting to for ages.) My dad's veteran's plaque has come in, and I need to get together the rest of the money to have the cement poured and the plaque put on his grave. I feel like the money should be from me somehow, not Ken, and that's the only way I have to make money. After that I have to start working up the money for the headstone. I don't feel like Ken should provide the money for those things. I think it should be me. Having been an at home mom all these years, and now having such a bad back and shoulder, etc., I don't think I could even get a job any more. That leaves my hand made stuff as my way to earn money. I'll be listing some of the dolls I've made that have been featured on Doll-A-Day, and some that you haven't seen yet.
  Tomorrow is Skipper Saturday. See you then.

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