Thursday, November 13, 2014

Doll-A-Day 291: Hard Plastic Dress Me Doll

  Today's doll is one of those hard plastic dolls that were popular for years, and are still being made in some form today. She's this 'dress me; doll.
Obviously somebody used her for exactly that purpose: They dressed her.She's Little Knitted Riding Hood from the looks of her.

She's about 8" tall, and made of hard plastic.

These dolls rarely had moveable legs, and this girl is no exception.That was always the most frustrating thing about these dolls to me as a kid: they couldn't sit down.
Cute though.

We had several of these floating around when I was a kid. Most of them had belonged to my sister when she was small, but one of them was all mine. She came on top of a box of Valentine candy I got one year. That's why I always called them 'Candy Box Dolls'.

My 'Candy Box' girl is smaller than this girl, about 6" tall, but has the same strung head and arms and solid body and legs.
Since they're strung you can tilt her head as well as turn it.

She is a good example of another frustrating thing about these dolls: You can't comb their hair.It's glued on, and once you've made a mess of it, you can forget it. As you may have guessed, I made a mess of it. I was never good with hair, and I'm still not. When my 'candy box doll's' hair started going awry I tried to glue it. (Those of you who have been with us for a while, or have read some old posts, will know that I made that same mistake with my Swirl Ponytail Barbie too.) My candy box girl's hair suffered the same fate as my Barbie's. Once it got full of glue and couldn't be recovered, the hair went completely. I don't remember if it just came off one day, or if my sister took it off for me, but poor Candy Box is bald to this day. There was no wig for her though, like there was for my Barbita,my Barbie doll, or even my Thumbelina. My sister made a wig for Thumb. Candy Box started out life looking sort of like Marie Antoinette, and has spent the last 40+ years looking more like Mr. Freeze.

Only without the eyebrows.
Misery loves company they say.Candy box girl is one of the bazillion kids of Pixie and Barbita Brennan, so her mom can commiserate with her. 

Join us again tomorrow for another doll.

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