Sunday, November 16, 2014

Doll-A-Day 294: Clone Wars Week: Uneeda African American Swirl Barbie Clone

  Today's clone doll is this Barbie clone.

She's marked on the back of her head with a big U, which stands for Uneeda, as in, Uneeda Doll Company. ('You need a doll. Get it?) She may be Babette or Wendy.

Unlike Barbie she is only jointed at the neck and shoulders. No leg joints, so she's confined to a life of standing.

I don't know what year she's from, but she's obviously a copy of the Swirl Ponytail Barbie, which was produced in 1964-65.

But Mattel never made Swirl Barbie in an African American version, so I guess, technically, she's not really a clone. In fact, there was no African American Barbie until 1980. (Although Barbie had African American friends Christie and Julia,which were introduced in 1968, and the African American version of her cousin Francie, produced in 1967.)

Today's doll definitely has the  Barbie influenced head mold. The main flaw is that, like a lot of other Barbie clones of the era, she has an enormous forehead. In fact, the whole upper half of her head is too big.
Check out that eye make up.

She's a pretty lady though. I'm not sure if the outfit is 100% home made or not. The blouse seems factory made, even if the vest, and maybe the skirt, don't.

She has pretty thickly rooted hair, but it's a lesser quality fiber. Her plastic is light and hollow.She's in really good shape though. Her head and arms are stiff, like they have hardly ever been moved.

She came from an auction, in a box of barbie clones. Some of them were in original swim suits, some in home made clothes, and some were naked. At least this girl was allowed to keep her dignity and wear clothes.

  Join us tomorrow for another clone doll.


  1. I have one also. It belonged to my grandmother. She has always been a special fill to me. Thanks for sharing this information about her!

    1. Thanks for commenting. It's always nice to hear that somebody got something from one of my posts. It's great that you still have your grandmother's doll.


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