Thursday, November 20, 2014

Doll-A-Day 298: Clone Wars Week:Flocked Hair Ken Clone

  Today's Clone Week doll is this guy.

He's an almost perfect replica of the original Ken doll, who had flocked hair.

UPDATE: A kind reader has commented and sent a link,(See below in the comments.),to let us know that this is Tracy Sue's boyfriend Bob. Tracy Sue was a Barbie clone.

His flocked hair is thick, and actually looks like it might last better than the real Ken's. (Certainly better than my Ken's. The husband, that is. His hair is fading fast.)

He's jointed at the neck, shoulders, and hips.

He has a great suit. It's nicely made.Unfortunately the shoes are only painted on.

The shirt has no sleeves though, and the tie ends where the jacket closes.
Sorry about the sideways thing again.

His only markings are the Made in Japan on his back.

Yes, he's an almost exact copy of Ken...except for one thing:
This isn't a flocked hair Ken, but you get the idea.


This little guy is only 7 1/2" tall!
"Hey little man. What's up?' "You are, stupid."
I love this little guy! I actually have another one who's wearing a white dinner jacket, but I like this one best.When I found them at an auction I had to have them.

If anybody knows this guy's name, let me know.
Tomorrow we'll see another clone doll.


  1. LOL, that was a surprise! I like what he's wearing, he's a cute mini-Ken!

    1. I'm glad it managed to surprise someone! Looking at the pictures, he LOOKS tiny to me. But maybe that's just because I KNOW how small he is!

  2. I just bought this little guy today in a white dinner jacket, no idea what kind of doll he is but too cute to leave sitting on the sale table

    1. I don't know what he's actually called, but I think they have some value.

  3. Did anyone ever learn anything about this little guy? I have one in poor condition, and wondering what to do with him.

    1. I still have no idea who made him or what he's called, but I do remember seeing something somewhere, maybe Ebay, that makes me think he was sort of valuable.

  4. I have this doll but he's only wearing red swim trunks. I was curious about him too and stumbled upon his name. It's a Tracy Sues' boyfriend Bob doll. Here is a link to a Pinterest picture of him and a small description. Hope this helps solve the mystery of the little Ken clone.

    1. Yes! This must be who he is! The link you sent is the other doll I have! Thanks so much! For the record, Tracey Sue was a 7" Barbie clone, like a Hong Kong Lilli.


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