Monday, November 17, 2014

Doll-A-Day 295: Clone Wars Week: Ken Clone Don or Ronnie?

  Today's clone doll is this Ken clone.

Looks like he's lost a little weight. Those boxers are a size or two too big.
I've had all kinds of trouble identifying this guy. Is he Don by Davtex? He looks like Don, but he doesn't have any markings on his back, like 'Don' supposedly does.

Unlike Ken this guy has side glance eyes.

Maybe he's Ronnie by Plastic Molded Arts. It's hard to tell, because Don and Ronnie used the same molds.I don't think Ronnie had any marking though, so it's probably Ronnie.

He has a soft vinyl head and arms and hollow plastic torso and legs.

He has a crew cut, like early Ken dolls.

He's about 12" tall, just like Ken.
Check in tomorrow for another clone doll.


  1. As far I am concerned the boy is Ronnie, on the other hand this post has been very useful to identify a clone I own.

    1. Great! I'm glad I helped somehow, even if I wasn't even sure what I had myself!

  2. I bet he was made after Allan and not after Ken. He is cute, I would have loved him back then (and would still :) )


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