Friday, November 7, 2014

Doll-A-Day 286: A Doll of My Own Making: Red Ballerina

  The first thing I have to do today is welcome another new follower, Lisa Neault. Lisa has some blogs that may interest readers of Planet of the Dolls, so you may want to check those out. And thanks Lisa, for joining us!
  Today's doll is another I made myself. She's this ballerina.
She is very poseable, which is good, since she's a dancer.

She's a bit bigger than most of the dolls like this that I've made, as she measures a whole 3" tall.

She's poseable, but I did seem to favour that one leg, didn't I?

She's another I made especially for a repeat customer who didn't pay for her several times. So, she's still hanging around. Not that she isn't looking for a home...

Like the others I've shown you she has a wooden head,and a felt covered wire armature.

She has satiny ballet slippers too.

Her slippers even have tiny realistic soles on them.
As you can tell, it was around Christmas when I took her photos.

Tomorrow is Skipper Saturday. See you then.

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