Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Doll-A-Day 283: Mystery Italian Doll

  Today is another quick post since I am still downed by the flu. I haven't had a cold or flu this bad in ages. I'm freezing, and just want to sleep. Emma's picking Ivy up from play practice tonight, so after this I'm getting in a super hot shower and then cozying down with my heating pad!(Not in the shower, of course! That would be bad...)
  Today's doll is an Italian doll, but that's about all  I know about her.

She's marked 1969, and made in Italy, and...Roo? Poo?Anybody know what this says?

She's got kind of a crazy eyed look about her, but she has freckles and buck teeth!

There's a dark place around her left eye that makes it look like she's been in a fight...

...and sleep eyes. That one is drooping from her black eye...
She's about 10" tall.

If anybody can identify her, please let's hear from you.
  I'm going to go revel in my illness now. See you tomorrow.

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