Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Doll-A-Day 297: Clone Wars Week:Penny Brite Clone

  I thought I would never get this done. Our internet was taking a break, but it's finally back. As I sit here freezing I am showing you today's doll. She's this Penny Brite clone.

She has a strange white mustache.
Got milk?

I'm not sure of her name, but she's marked Hong Kong on her back.

You may have seen her in a recent post. I got her at the flea market for a quarter.

She's the same size as Penny Brite...

...but there's an obvious difference in quality and body mold.
Clone doll on the left, real Penny on the right.The clone's hands look like the cheap Susie Sad Eyes dolls.

 That may be the same head mold though.
Same dimples and everything. She definitely has that Penny Brite side curl too

Her head is a soft vinyl, but her body and limbs are a cheap, thin plastic.
There were several Penny Brite clones, including Tuppence, and Cragstan's Miss Cindy.

I gave her a dress that fits her better.

Don't worry. I have no intention of leaving her with that milk mustache.
Give us a kiss.

Here she is after a preliminary wipe off with nail polish remover.

There's some white stuff around her left eye too. That will take some more careful removal.
She'll need some fine tuning, but that's better.

She still needs her face washed too. She'll get a good cleaning and a hair washing. Then maybe I'll try to pick up the back of her hair and cover that thin spot.
She's feeling better already.
  See you tomorrow with another clone doll.

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