Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Doll-A-Day 296: Clone Wars Week: Twist and Turn Barbie Clone

  I finally got around to changing to a Fall background today, but those falling leaves are all a sham, because it really looks like this outside my house:

No emergency. The ambulance is on it's way to the hospital just down the street.

See? All gone.

This is out the front. The other pictures were taken from our landing window, around the right corner from here.
We have had a a lot of snow, and unusually cold weather for this time of year. This morning it was 8 degrees! With all this snow and cold, you know what that means, don't you? It means that once again I did all that leaf raking for nothing, because the leaf sucker truck won't come now! I have just killed all the grass in my tree line again, and made the ground even lumpier and harder to mow than it was already! Ahh!
  Today's clone doll is this girl.

She's a strange combination. She has the face mold of the old, original style Barbie, but the long, straight hair and twistable waist of the later Twist and Turn Barbie.

 She doesn't have bendable knees like a Twist and Turn though.

She has a body and legs of light weight hollow plastic, and soft vinyl arms and head.

She has very strangely rooted hair, which will become apparent when I show you her markings...
 She's marked  Hong Kong and some numbers.But look at this rooting pattern! It makes the hair hang away from her face, leaving the sides of her head showing.

Gad! I think I saw this girl on Star Trek.

I don't think what she's wearing is original to her, but she was wearing it when I got her.

See you tomorrow for another clone.


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