Sunday, November 30, 2014

Doll-A-Day 306: Trini Yellow Ranger Doll

  Today's doll is Trini, the Yellow Ranger from The Power Rangers.

She was made by Bandai in the mid 90's.
She actually has bangs, but this girl's seem to have gotten used to laying up on her forehead.

She's about 8 3/4" tall.

She has a twist waist and bendable knees, but her arms are only jointed at the shoulders. That makes it impossible to put her in true Power Rangers fighting poses. That's a shame, as that would have added considerably to her playability for little Power Rangers fans.

Emma was a BIG Power Rangers fan when she was little. She had two Power Rangers,Kimberly, the Pink Ranger, and Aisha, the second Yellow Ranger. I think she got a Trini later, when she was a little older.
Both Yellow Rangers had the same symbol. The image represented their 'power' and their 'zord'. The zord was their transformery type vehicle/robot thingy. Who understands this stuff?!
You've got kind of a Lego situation here. These dolls were marketed as 'Power Rangers for Girls'. Why couldn't the girls have played with any Power Ranger?! (I'll tell you why: because the action figures couldn't be found anywhere!)
She's pretty, which is more than I can say for the doll they made of the poor second Yellow Ranger. That girl should have sued.

The 'girls' Power Rangers were just the female characters. They were sold with their Power Ranger uniform, helmet,(Actually more of a mask, since there was no back in it, to make it easier to get on and off.),holster belt with  a 'ray gun' looking weapon, and a spare outfit for when they were just being themselves, (as opposed to Power Rangers.)
Her boots are supposed to have yellow diamond shapes around the tops.I know she came that way, so maybe this is just a factory flaw.They don't look like the diamonds wore off.

Trini's 'civilian' outfit was a 'denim' shorts outfit with a shirt and floral vest.

These dolls were pretty good quality, other than their waists getting loose and wanting to turn around without them. This Trini must not have been played with much, (I got her at Goodwill, so who knows.), because she stays where you put her.

She's a bit taller than the 90's Barbie sister Stacie, and close to the size of the current Stacie, so she fits in that world pretty well.
  Tomorrow is another doll.

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