Monday, November 24, 2014

Doll-A-Day 301: Prom Patience

  If you read yesterday's post, you'll know I've been wanting a Patience doll, and that before I finished my Christmas List post with her on it, I managed to get a Patience. The mystery was which Patience I got. Well, here she is.

She's Prom Patience.

She originally looked like this.
Prom Patience is a limited edition of 350. She has "mink brown hair", (Looks black to me.), and blue eyes.Since her hair was meant to be in an up-do, it's not the same length all over. That's not a bad thing though. When her hair is in double ponytails, like the first picture, the short bit that was her topknot covers the back of her head nice and evenly, since she wasn't meant to have her hair parted down the back.
  I was pleasantly surprised by her hair. When I looked at a couple of Patience dolls belonging to some ladies at the recent doll show, I was told that they had both replaced Patience's wig because the hair on Patience dolls was so awful.("Just not very comb-able" was what they said, I think.) For one thing, Prom Patience is rooted, not wigged. (Maybe they meant they just replaced her hair with a wig.) For another thing, her hair is silky and smooth, and doesn't tangle easily, even if it is slightly thin. Whenever I comb it the comb glides through, and all her waves are still there. It's also the type that will never get crispy and matted.
  Another really fun thing about Patience is her 'flirty eyes'. Her eyes roll from side to side when she's moved.
She has 'real' lashes, but her eyes don't close.

This sideways thing is really getting on my nerves.

Sometimes they don't roll exactly right.


Sorry about this!
I bought her on line. She was in her original box and shipper box, but she was nude and her hair was down.That was ok with me, because I didn't like her in the big prom dress and tiara. It didn't seem to suit her.Since she was naked she had to have something to hang around in, so she's been lounging around in this LittleMissMatched outfit.The shirt fits perfectly. The jacket's sleeves are just a hair short, and the socks fit all snug and look really cozy. The pants, however, are quite short on her, and the shoes are way too big.
She also tried this Christmas sweater, which is actually an ornament.

I found it at Meijer recently and thought it would make a great doll sweater.

 Once home I discovered that it was sewn AND glued to the hanger. It was a trial getting it off the hanger without cutting or tearing the yarn and causing the whole thing to unravel. I'm still not sure it won't! And then getting it on Patience was also quite a job. She liked it, (The sleeves are a little short.),but she said it wasn't worth the squeeze it took.
"If I ever get this thing off I'm not putting it back on."

We both knew this outfit was only temporary, until I could find her something else to wear. I was going through some stuff we got at an auction recently and I found a couple of old 12" Effanbee dolls. Their clothes looked like they might fit, so I tried them on Patience.The blue of Little Miss Muffet's dress looks good with her eyes.

It's a hair short though.It also has a pinafore.
Patience has 14 points of articulation. She's jointed at the neck, shoulders,wrists, elbows, hips,knees, and ankles.She also has a joint in her upper body that allows her to tilt sideways.

The Effanbee socks are too big though,
Patience has small, detailed feet.
She's jointed at the ankles, but there's not much poseability there.

The only way the shoes come close to fitting is with the socks on and they are still too big.

We'll have to do a bit of looking for shoes, or maybe make some. I've been wanting to try that.
 In the end she stole the thigh high socks from a generic porcelain doll.

"These socks have been washed, right?"
The Miss Muffet outfit has a mob cap too, but she's not too sure it suits her.

 Patience was lonely, so Maudlynne Macabre came out to hang out with her. They look pretty good together. Maudlynne looks like her older sister...sort of.
Since Maudlynne is Tonner and Patience is Wilde Imagination, they are related.

Maudlynne is supposed to be 10 years old. How old does that make Patience? (She was going to the prom, after all...)
Patience is 14" tall, much smaller than I originally imagined she'd be from pictures. If her head were sized to fit her body she'd be about 12" tall.

After that one she tried on this Effanbee Little Girl With a Curl dress.

It's all one piece, even though it looks like two. There are bloomers with it too, but Patience decided to forgo those.
"I don't like the way you made that sound. I just don't like long underwear."
Maudlynne was looking so depressed that I rounded up a new dress for her too.

I stole it off a Pauline Bjonness-Jacobsen doll.
Despite the dark hair, I'm getting an 'Alice and her sister on the riverbank' thing here.
I think it looks really good on her. It suits her personality.

The blue from the dress ran on to the white collar when I washed it though.

I'll use some Color Run Remover on it. I'll save that job for my Stain Devils review. You'll be amazed.

I love Patience's articulation, although it would be nice if her ankles actually got some use out of being jointed. The movement is almost non-existant there.

 I love her crazy, rolling eyes.

I like the feel of her silky hair, and the fact that, so far, even I can't mess it up.

I might still prefer a red haired Patience, but if I never get one, (which I probably won't...Say. Didn't I say that about Patience in general?), I am enjoying this beautiful girl. 
  See you tomorrow for another doll.


  1. I didn't realize Maudlynne was that much bigger than Patience. I have Perfect Patience, and her wig combs and brushes out very nicely.

  2. I guess the first couple of Patience dolls were wigged, and the rest have been rooted. I would have liked a wigged one so I could change her look occasionally. I thought Patience was much taller when I originally saw her picture. Looks can be deceiving.


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