Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Doll-A-Day 284: American Girl Samantha

  I'm feeling a bit better today, thanks to Emma agreeing to pick Ivy up from 'play practice' last night. That meant that I didn't have to take Ken to work to have the van, which meant I didn't have to pick him up from work at 2AM or whatever last night. With that sort of freedom, I took a hot shower, and took my carton of orange juice and my glass and went to bed not long after 9 o'clock. I totally conked out without even getting comfortable first. All that extra sleep did me a lot of good and while I still have a whopper of a cold, I feel much better than I did.
  Today's doll is American Girl Samantha.

She's by Pleasant Company, not Mattel.
Cute little teeth.

Samantha is one of my yard sale finds. If you've been reading the blog you might have seen her in the post from the day I got her. She cost me a whole dollar. That sounds great, but perfectionists would not like that she has had some of her fingers squashed.
You can see her hand problem here.
Her legs are a bit loose too, but that doesn't bother me very much.

Her legs are so loose she was having trouble standing up today.

I've had a lot of American Girls pass through my hands, but Samantha is the only one I've kept. I would kind of like to have a Saige, but unless I find one the way I've found the others, (at yard sales and thrift stores), I probably won't get one.

She's wearing a coat I got recently.

 It's actually a Bitty Baby coat, but it fits her pretty well. I love the toggle buttons. They don't stay buttoned very well though.

They kept popping open during her photo shoot.

It looks so warm and cozy.It even has a nice plaid lining. It was on a cheap baby doll at Salvation Army, but I could tell the coat was a really nice quality piece of clothing.
I have a thing about coats. I like to have coats for all my dolls.I like to feel everybody is warm.

The same baby was also wearing the brown Battat pants and the shirt, which is a different maker, but matches both the pants and the coat.Unfortunately, the kid wasn't wearing any shoes...
...forcing Samantha to hide her feet until she gets some brown boots.
Not long after I got this Samantha doll I found an American Girl Addy at Goodwill, and she was wearing Samantha's Meet dress. What are the odds?

The job of the day was raking leaves. We live on a corner, so the leaves (and trash) of everybody in the neighborhood end up on our property. The leaf sucker truck will be by sometime soon, although no one ever knows exactly when.So, I thought I had better rake my leaves the 4000 miles down the street to the front of our house where the leaf sucker truck comes by and vacuums up only what is left in the tree line. Except that they don't always come, so I might be doing all that work for nothing and just killing all the grass in the tree line AGAIN.As it was, I started feeling too lousy to finish,so with my luck the leaf sucker will come tomorrow.

How many American Girls have crossed my path? Let's see. There was the Molly from a yard sale,the Girl of the Year from a Goodwill,Molly and Josephina from Goodwill,Addy from Goodwill, Josefina from a yard sale,and Samantha from a yard sale, (My best American Girl buy. She had her tights, complete with runs, her Meet dress with the Bertha collar,and she was 75 cents. She did, however, have one arm off, and it was duct taped to her body.It took a lot of hot water, dish detergent, and scrubbing with a baby tooth brush to remove the tape residue. I reattatched her arm, but then her leg came off!I reattached her leg and her new owners were very happy with her.)

This Samantha has very silky hair. She just needed some combing when I got her to straighten it out. I did fully wash her though, and conditioned her hair.The other Samantha I had had crispy ends on her hair.Is it the earlier or later ones that have the crispy hair?

See you tomorrow for another doll.

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