Saturday, November 22, 2014

Doll-A-Day 300: Clone Wars Week: Skipper Saturday: Skipper Clone Fashions

  Today's Skipper Saturday is a continuation of Clone Wars Week. We're looking at fashions made for Skipper clone dolls that are direct offs if you prefer---of actual Skipper fashions.
  Our first fashion is a copy of the very first fashion produced for Skipper.The Skipper fashion is Red Sensation, from 1964.

Copy on the left, Skipper Red Sensation on the right. The imitator is a bit shorter than the original.
The copy is a very close replica. Notice there is no pocket on the imitator though.
I have also seen the exact same dress in dark pink.The dark pink one belongs to Tressy's sister Cricket.

The real Red Sensation is made of a much softer, thinner fabric than the copy, which is made of a heavy cotton.
The copy has a Made in Hong Kong label inside.

  Another early Skipper fashion is Flower Girl, from 1964-65.
Again, copy on the left.The real Skipper Flower Girl on the right.
This copy has a much simpler layer of sheer fabric over the skirt.
The ribbon on the real Skipper fashion is much more in scale.
And again, the label reads Made in Hong Kong.

One of the most popular, and most common early Skipper fashions is Silk 'n Fancy, from 1964.

We saw a copy of this fashion on our Skipper clone last Saturday. This is a more mint example of the same dress, but for some reason, this one is actually too tight to snap the second snap on the back of the dress.
Notice that, like the other two copies, this one is just a little shorter than a real Skipper dress.
The satin on the skirt is not quite up to the quality of the real Silk n Fancy, and there's no sewn in lace slip.
The Made in Hong Kong label on this dress matches the label on the Flower Girl copy. Maybe they were made by the same company.

  Last is this pair of pairs of pajamas that copy Skipper's Dreamtime PJs, one in white and one in blue.

The white ones are very close to the real Dreamtime pajamas, which were available from 1964 to 1966.

The dots are pink, but lighter than the dots on the copy.

There is no label in these, so who knows where they were made. But I'm betting it was Hong Kong.
The blue ones are obviously the same pattern, but missing the horizontal lace across the bodice.
 Most likely these clone outfits were made for Miss Kitty by Cragstan, as her fashions were directly copied from Skipper's.
That concludes Clone Wars Week. See you tomorrow.


  1. One I can identify, the blue one. It will be no surprise to you :D It is made by Plasty, Neulussheim. I have it, too. So it IS a copy, and it was cheaper than Mattel- but on the other hand, it was not a cheap Hong Kong product without any name. Plasty was the big german brand for such dolls.

    1. Thanks. That will hep people who collect clone merchandise.


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