Tuesday, February 14, 2017

American Girl's First Male Doll

  This may be old news to some of you, but I just heard about it. American Girl's new line will include their first male doll.
And there's a new Felicity.
He's a boy named Logan Everett.

The company said that boy dolls have been one of their most requested items for years.And we all know that people were creating their own.What's nice here is, they actually made a new face sculpt for Logan. So now you can have a male American Girl friend that isn't just the girl face with short hair. It's a new face though. So now are we going to see people buying Logan and making him into a girl?!

Logan is a drummer in a band.His band mate is another new doll this year,Tenney Grant. Tenney is a singer/songwriter from Nashville,Tennessee. That and the banjo tell me that her band is a country band. If you look closely at the pictures,at least Logan's right hand (and possible Tenney's too.),have a different sculpt from the regular American Girl hands, that allows him to hold his drumstick. Tenney's looks like she can hold something too.There appears to be a plectrum in her hand in the picture below.

In addition to his 'Play Loud' t-shirt and button up, Logan will have a gray shirt and 'leather' jacket.I'm not sure if these will all come with him, or will be available as extra clothing items. Most likely they will be extra clothing pieces that are available for purchase,or they might come in a 'bundle' available with the purchase of  Logan.

Logan (and Tenney) will be available on February 16th. That's only two more days.


  1. Well, they have to be a country band in Tennessee, don't they? :)

  2. You realize we're going to get in trouble suggesting stuff like that! I'm sure there are plenty of rock bands in Tennessee! :)

  3. He is totally cute! His face looks like the Kaya mold.


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