Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #32 Kick and Cheer Kim Possible

  Today's doll is the Kick and Cheer Kim Possible Deluxe Fashion doll.

Apparently this doll came with a varsity jacket,pom poms, and a kid sized megaphone that played cheers.

 I got mine at a yard sale, so she just has her basic outfit.She does have her shoes though!

She's 10" tall, and has the standard articulation,plus jointed knees.

She also has two switches in her back.One awitch moves her arms up and down, and the other one moves her legs.This allows her to shake her pom poms (which I don't have here),and kick.

She has some detail in her hands...

...but her feet?

Not so much.
Kim Possible was a Disney Channel series that ran from 2002 to 2007. (Funny, it seems ages ago that my kids watched that show.)

The premise was that Kim Possible was a high schooler who saved the world on a regular basis,usually from Dr. Drakken and Shego.(Shego looked like Parallel Kim Possible to me.)
Shego in the upper left corner,Dr. Drakken upper right.In the foreground, Ron Stoppable,Kim,and Rufus the naked mole rat.
There were several Kim dolls produced, including a couple of tiny versions about the size of the current Polly Pocket dolls.

There were also dolls of Kim's best friend and side kick Ron Stoppable.Ron Stoppable always kind of seemed inspired by Ron Weasley,at least, to me.

I would have preferred the action hero looking Kim, which has her standard world saving outfit of cargo pants,black turtle neck,boots, and gloves.

Apparently this version of Kim is supposed to be rare,or at least hard to find. I know that doing research on her, I could hardly find anything.  

Kim Possible was only the second animated Disney Channel original  series. Two TV movies were also made, the first of which was the first Disney Channel Original animated movie.

There was also a popular series of video games based on the show.

My kids watched Kim Possible. Emma was 11 when the series started and she was probably the most dedicated viewer in the house.She has a few dolls from the show,including Ron's per mole rat,Rufus. 

  I think Kim's cheerleading outfit is a bit racy for high school.Now I'm going to say something that is bound to get some hate thrown at me: I can't see why girls have to wear short short skirts and other revealing outfits to cheer for their team. Male cheerleaders don't have to show skin. And the idea that girls dressed like that are entertainment at a school ball game is a bit disturbing. Who is watching these girls,after all? Adult fathers and high school boys. Kind of inappropriate. (Ok, I'm a prude.) And I always hoped that if my girls loved a sport, they'd play it, not cheer on other people playing it. (Ok,so not everybody can play. I just want them to realize they have the choice.)So Kim Possible played both sides of the fence. She was the crime fighting hero, not her clutzy friend Ron. But then she had to go back into the real world and wear a skimpy cheerleading outfit and cheer on the guys.
  Come back tomorrow for another doll.


  1. I dont think this doll looks verry much like Kim Possible. I dont think the smile works for the doll at all, and the hair and eye color seems a bit off.

    1. I agree with you. That open mouth smile is kind of weird and her eys are kind of glassy.They did a much better job on some of the other Kim Possible dolls.The Ron was always spot on though.


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