Thursday, February 9, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 # 40: Frozen Anna Animator's doll

Yesterday we saw Frozen Elsa. Today we're looking at her little sister Anna.

Anna is another doll from the Disney Animator's Collection.This is the original version of Anna.I think they may have changed her dress now.There was also a set with Anna and Elsa and 2 extra dresses and dress dummies.

 I love the Animator's Collection dolls.

You can see from Anna's hair how much it was snowing yesterday.I kept removing the snow from her hair but it kept collecting again!
The Animator's dolls are 16" tall,but there is a line of mini dolls that are identical, but only 5" tall.
 I have seen some wondeful repaints of the Animator's dolls,and I'd love to try it. Of the 9 Animator's dolls I have,(I just remembered that i have Rapunzel too.)there are two sets of doubles.I have 2 Little Mermaids and 2 Cinderellas,so maybe I'll try a repaint on one of them,if I ever get brave enough.
Some people have complained that Anna's ponytails are too high.

Elsa was ok with out a coat, but Anna needs something in this cold!
Anna comes with a little stuffed Olaf.

I think this is the most snow we've had all winter.Ken always says there has to be a big snow storm around his birthday, which was today.He's almost always right.

In spite of all the snow, it really didn't seem that terribly cold.My hands didn't even get that cold.A few days ago,when there was no snow,my hands were aching when i went outside and took a few pictures!

Anna is one of my two favourite Animator's dolls,the other being Merida.I have one Merida, but if I had an extra one for a repaint, I'd like to make her into a boy.I think she's make a great little boy with that smirk.

This doll is one i would have loved as a kid.

 "Do you want to build a snowman?"

Turns out you can't even see them, so why did I bother, but my pathetic little snowman actually has real coal eyes.There are always a lot of little coal pieces in front of one of our basement windows.They work their way up out of the dirt all the time, because years and years ago, that's where the coal truck unloaded coal into the basement for the stove that heated the house.The stove is actually still down there, but not hooked up for use anymore.
  Tomorrow is another doll. See you then.

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