Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #52:Tiny Blessings Tiny Lee Ann

For the next week or so we're going to look at some babies and some kids. Today's doll is Tiny Lee Ann.

  Tiny Lee Ann is from a line of dolls called Tiny Blessings,made by Bandai in 1987.

There were quite a few dolls in the line,including a couple of boys.

The standard dolls, like Lee Ann,didn't come with anything,but there were also some that came with a bunting. 

There was a series that came with accessories like a rocking horse, a bath tub, a wagon,a play pen,a high chair, and a train.

There was also one playset produced,a dollhouse,that looked suspiciously like the 1986 Mapletown Post Office for the Sylvanian Families animals. That was made by Epoch,which is Bandai, I think.

All the dolls had 'real' hair, and molded,painted clothing.

If Lee Ann looks like she's having hair problems, it's because she originally came with a teeny tiny ponytail on each side of her head. I'm not sure I can ever get those back for her!

Lee Ann is about 2 1/4" sitting, and about 3" stretched out.There were some Tiny Blessings smaller than Lee Ann.

She's able to be posed in various cute baby ways.

She can lay down or sit up.

I think they were all such cute little dolls,and I wouldn't mind having more.But Lee Ann is the only one I've ever actually come across (in person).
  See you again tomorrow for another doll. 

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