Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 # 45:Kevin, Skipper's Boyfriend

  Happy Valentine's Day!

In addition to today's regular doll,Tammy World brings us her friend, this little Boyd's Valentine Bear.

His plush heart shaped,heart covered costume is removeable.

 Today's doll is Cool Crimps Kevin.

Skipper,Barbie's sister has had quite a few friends over the years. Her first friends were Skooter and Ricky. Then there was Fluff, and Tiff,and Ginger. But after Ricky there was never another male friend until Scott in 1980. Scott didn't last long though. (Maybe Skipper really wasn't into guys with giant puffball heads.)

  Kevin was introduced in 1990.
This is Cool Crimps Kevin's original outfit, minus the cap and baby blue sneakers.
His shirt Velcos in the back and the hood has a hole in the bottom so it can be slipped over his head more easily.
He has painted hair with a lot of molded detail.

There were 6 versions of Kevin made before he was dropped from the Skipper line in 1995. They included Kevin...
...and Cool Tops Kevin in 1990...

Oddly enough, the first Kevin wasn't 'Kevin'. It was Cool Tops Kevin.

...Pet Pals Kevin in 1991...

This Kevin with gold highlighted brown hair is one of these three guys.

...Basketball Kevin in '92...

...Cool Crimps Kevin in '93...

You might wonder what Kevin could crimp,since he has painted hair. He came with stamps that you could use to stamp hearts or stars on his hair and clothes.

Brown haired Kevin is wearing somebody else's clothes. He's not particularly disappointed about it though!

... and Pizza Party Kevin in 1994.

 There was no new Kevin in 1995, but Pizza Party was still being sold.

Kevin was given something special: his own fashions. There were three fashions produced for Kevin. Unfortunately, it was 1990 and these are just about the ugliest things I have ever seen.

I also have to question Kevin's choice of short overalls. Just...no.
'Hot styles for the coolest guy in school'. If this is what the coolest guy wears, I have to wonder what the rest of the guys wear.
"Shake on it Bro."
  Kevin is an nice doll to have in your collection if you want a little variety. At 11" tall,Kevin is shorter than Ken and other male dolls. (He could hang out with the early versions of the High School Musical guys. They're about the same size.)This does make finding clothes for him a bit harder,especially pants and shoes.

  Join us tomorrow for another doll.

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