Thursday, February 16, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 # 47:My Scene Chelsea

  Today we're looking at My Scene Chelsea.

In 2002 Mattel was getting nervous.Barbie sales had dropped drastically due to competition from Bratz.So Mattel introduced their own big headed,big eyed,big mouthed doll with removeable feet/shoes.

But at least when you remove the My Scene dolls' feet/shoes,they have regular Barbie feet underneath.They aren't footless like when you take the shoes off a Bratz doll.

Originally Mattel had unsuccessfully sued MGA,saying that Carter Bryant,the creator of Bratz,had been working for Mattel when he came up with the idea for Bratz.They didn't win the case. In 2005 MGA sued Mattel,accusing them of copying Bratz.Ah! Give it up people!

To me, My Scene dolls are prettier than Bratz dolls.And sometimes,but not always, they look a lot less sleazy.

Chelsie is from the line of My Scene dolls that had rooted eye lashes.

She's wearing My Scene clothes,but not her originals, and not an actual outfit.Uhh...

This blouse and skirt don't actually go together.The blouse came with a short suede/leather looking skirt with a flower on it that matched the flower on the blouse.

There was actually a My Scene Barbie, but I don;t think she was one of the most popular dolls in the line.

 I think characters like Chelsea and Nolee were more popular.

She was definitely not dressed for our 30 degree weather today.She looks warm, but she's faking it,trust me.

Her hair is a great colour.

Come back tomorrow and see what doll I come up with.


  1. Chelsea was my favorite character from that line. I love this one's outfit and her hair, but not her eyelashes. My oldest was about seven or eight when the first My Scene dolls came out, and yeah, a few other moms and I did prefer the My Scene over the Bratz.

    1. Her eye lashes would be ok if that one weren't squashed. My kids never had a hankering for Bratz,(fortunately),or My Scene,with the exception of Ivy wanting the glow in the dark Bratzillaz Meygana,and they all loved that face making My Scene doll.I got one second hand and we all had a lot of fun with her.Some of the faces she makes are killer!


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