Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 # 39:Frozen Elsa Animator's Collection Toddler

  Well! We have quite a covering of snow today! Perfect for today's doll! Elsa!

I love these Disney Store Animator's Collection toddler dolls!

They have wonderful big eyes and sweet faces.

 I have about 8 of them, but only 2 were bought new. The rest were thrift store finds, including today's Elsa.

Really, this kid should be wearing a coat, but she's Elsa,so I guess she's ok...

Only a few days ago I was outside with Goldie Blox and it was fairly mild,and I showed you my starting daffodils. Here's what they looked like today.

The toddler dolls are 16" tall.

They're jointed at the neck,shoulders, and hips,

They can actually lift their arms out from their sides a little,and not just up and down.

They can tilt their heads side to side,up a little,but not down very much.

I have Kristoff too. You can see my review of him HERE.

The Frozen toddler dolls haven't changed much, but there have been a couple of different dresses, and a special set with Elsa and Anna with extra dresses. This is original Elsa though.
She was found at the thrift store like this,(Except for having a bath.),with her original dress and tights, but no shoes. She borrowed some for some of her pictures, but is shoeless in some of these.

"Do you want to build a snowman?" Gee,who could she be talking to?.......
See you tomorrow!

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