Sunday, February 12, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #43:Liv Sophie

  Today's doll is Liv doll Sophie.
Our snow is almost all gone now, but the other day we were having a big snow storm.

This must have been the biggest selling Liv doll around here, because I have found so many of this particular doll.

I've even found several with this original outfit still on them.This outfit even still has the scarf and purse still attached with those little swift tack things.
She also had her wig,which is nice.Live dolls are pretty, but more so with hair.

Of course, they have molded,painted hair, but real hair is better.

Liv dolls are popular with adult collector's because they are so pose-able

.People used to buy them just to use the body to rebody dolls with less poseability.Now I think they buy Made to Move Barbie dolls instead.

But that might be because not only are Made to Move dolls even more pose-able than Liv dolls, but Liv dolls were discontinued a few years ago.

Sometimes the eyes on Liv dolls can look a little intense and scary, but I think they had a lot of things going for them.
And sometimes the eyes are a little wonky too.
The poseability,the changeable wigs,(I never got over Fashion Queen Barbie!)...

...the nice clothes (usually), and as long as you got one without wonky eyes, they were quite beautiful.

  We've been having some massive trouble with our internet.In fact I barely got the last couple of posts on.So, no guarantees,but check back tomorrow and see if there's another doll!


  1. I like the Liv dolls now, but they didn't appeal to me much when they were in stores. Maybe some of it was the big head.

    1. And those eyes can get pretty freaky sometimes!


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