Saturday, February 25, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #56 Shrunken Saturday: Holly Hobbie's Friend, Clubhouse Girls Carrie Baker

  This Shrunken Saturday doll is Holly Hobbie's friend,       .

She's one of the modern Holly Hobbie  dolls.She's from the line called Clubhouse Girls.
This is an update.I finally found a picture of what Carrie looked like in her package.So now I know her original outfit and what she came with.

She stands about 4 1/4" tall,  but I attribute that extra 1/4" to her big hair.
I have no idea who this dress originally belonged to, but it fits her perfectly.

These are her original shoes and jeans,but I'm pretty sure her shirt is a Lil Bratz Boyz shirt.

She's a perfect size for a 1/12 scale doll house.

And she has a sweet little face.

It has been absolute torture keeping the internet on long enough to just load these pictures!Come back tomorrow and see if I manage to post anything!


  1. moja lala pozdrawia Twoją ♥

  2. Maybe someday she and my little Holly can get together and have a playdate.


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