Friday, February 3, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 # 34: Byers Choice Lady

  I spent the day today having a movie day with my best friend,Lori. We watched both Independence Day movies.(I preferred the first one.) So I didn't have a lot of time to work on today's doll. This will be an abbreviated post, but we'll be back tomorrow for a nice detailed Shrunken Saturday.
  Today's doll is  Byer's Choice lady.
Hey lady, your boa is in your tea cup...

She's holding a cup of tea,(or coffee.Whatever.)

She's your typical looking Byers lady. As with most Byers figures, she doesn't have any feet, just wires that hold her on her stand.

  She came with lots of nice accessories.There was a white wicker chair...

...a wooden side table with a cup of milk for Santa...

...and a nice wicker tray of pastries. .(What is this lady doing?Are these her things? Why is she leaving milk and and pastries for Santa? Is she a child in disguise? Is she hoping for gifts from Santa?)...

Byers make some really nice detailed accessories, which are more realistic than their people. There are a couple of fire places, fencing, clocks,and street lamps,that are quite sought after. Even though the Byers people are 12" or more,alot of their accessories, like the fireplaces,are 1/6 scale,and so are great for doll dioramas.

  Don't forget to come back tomorrow for Shrunken Saturday.

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