Monday, February 27, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #58: Rainbow Ripple Renee

  Not long ago I showed you a tiny Yummi Land doll. (You can see that post HERE.)In researching to find out which doll she was I came across a picture of another doll I have that I hadn't yet identified. It was today's doll.She's a Yummi Land Ice Cream Pop Girls doll,Rainbow Ripple Renee!

Phew! That's alot of names.

Renee is one of the larger, 12" Yummi Land dolls.

She has a large head and big eyes.

She also has some red ink marks on her face and lots on her lips.Can anybody offer any suggestions on removing them? I'm not totally averse to trying a total repaint on her, so if it involves some pretty drastic measures I still might go for it.I have used Mr.Clean Magic eraser on other things, and ,maybe it's me, but I can't get them to do anything. Also, this red is soaked into the vinyl,so it's no longer a surface problem.
She's the only one of these dolls I've ever come across,which is why I didn't know who she was when I found her. As I've said before, I never saw the little ones in stores either.
She originally came in this dress, tall orange boots, and a strange hat.

(I borrowed this picture from a sales site, and I will be glad to remove it if asked.) I guess the hat fits her or the penguin.
She also came in a large pop bottle,had a pet penguin, and they were both scented.(Renee and the penguin that is, not Renee and the bottle.)

Her arms and legs are soft rubber,and can't hold a pose.

Her left leg is made with a slight bend in it.

Her head only turns side to side,without any up or down movement.But her arms and legs move out to the sides, as well as up and down.

Her hair was very ratty when I bought her at the thrift store.It was pretty hard to get smoothed out,even after washing and soaking it in conditioner overnight.(I don't do Downy,or any softener, because I don't like the smell and don't use it on my laundry either.I have had pretty good luck with human conditioner on dolls,although sometimes I have to use the heavy duty stuff for extra dry hair.I find it works best if you comb the hair while the conditioner is still in, and then rinse in extra warm water.)

It's still a little crispy. 

And still a little damp. I guess my living room is too cold to dry very wet doll hair overnight.

  Earlier I couldn't keep the internet on for more than a few seconds, or minutes if I was lucky,at a time. Now it seems to be ok. Come back tomorrow and see if I managed to get a doll posted!

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