Saturday, February 4, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #35 Shrunken Saturday:The Flying Nun

  Today's doll is one of my childhood dolls. She's The Flying Nun.

The Flying Nun was made by Hasbro in 1966.

I tried to get some 'flying' shots, but our February in Ohio sky was so white it didn't look like sky in my photos!
I had to use some editing, but it still only got this blue, and then the doll was darkened so much it still didn't work!
So I had to resort to some blue background.

She looked like this in her box..
Bends and twists at the waist?Well, twists maybe.There is a waist joint,as well as the normal neck, shoulder,and hip joints.
The back of her box looked like this.
She was the same size and used the same molds as Hasbro's 4 1/2" Dolly Darlings dolls.
In fact, this one could be her twin.

And she has the typical one dot teeth and tongue of the Hasbro Dolly Darlings dolls.

She was, course, based on the character of Sister Bertrille on the TV series the Flying Nun, which ran from 1967 to 1970.
No rosary though.

She came wearing her nun's habit,with a belt that snapped,and her cornet,the large hat that allowed the Flying Nun to fly.

She's pretty TV accurate,(And pretty dirty.Geez!),except for her short hair. Sister Bertrille,the Flying Nun in the TV series. had her hair up in her cornet.

Her legs and feet were made of black plastic, to save on shoes and stockings.

As you can see, my doll is missing a leg. I have no idea what ever happened to it. It was an accident that happened a LONG time ago.

I actually lost my cornet too. I imagine it wasn't on her head so my mom threw it away. That was a frequent occurrence with loose toy bits around our house. I spotted this one online in a lot with some Tutti items and nabbed it for a good price.

She also has white cotton undies, but let's leave her her dignity.

The Dolly Darlings were overseen by G.I. Joe creator Donald Levine. In 2014 a lot of prototype Dolly Darlings from his estate was sold. It included this prototype Flying Nun. 

You'll notice her box says 'Dolly Darlings' instead of Flying Nun,Also notice the difference in her cornet. I only just noticed that my F.N. is missing the cloth piece that goes over the actual 'dress',so I have her wearing her clothes backward because of the huge slit in back! I must have done this as a kid, so long ago that I don't even remember doing it! 

She's marked Hasbro on her back.
Sister Bertrille was played by Sally Field. Before The Flying Nun, Sally Field was the title character in the TV series "Gidget". After The Flying Nun, Sally Field eventually became a movie star, and two time Oscar winner, for "Norma Rae" in 1980, and again for "Places in the Heart" in 1985.She has been remembered for and made fun of, accepting her second Oscar with her famous speech,"You like me! You really like me!" What she actually said was,“I can’t deny the fact that you like me, right now, you like me.” She later played Forest Gump's mother, in the movie of the same name. She's still making movies and still getting Oscar nominations.
"I did not say 'You like me! You really like me'!"
There was also a 12" version of the Flying Nun doll.

Here's one last picture of today's girl.

Come and see what tomorrow's doll will be.

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