Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2917 #38: Mike Power The Atomic Man

  Today's doll is Mike Power,The Atomic Man.

Mike was made by Hasbro in 1976,to compete with The Six Million Dollar (Bionic) Man.

He was part of the G.I. Joe Adventure Team.(Thus the G.I. Joe type scar on his face.)

Like Joe, Mike is 12" tall.
This is Mike practicing 'How Not to be Seen'.
Mike came with a set of helicopter blades that he could power with his revolving 'atomic' arm.
He came wearing a short sleeved camouflage shirt and brown shorts, to show off his 'atomic' bits.
You can see the little gear that sticks out of the plastic arm so you can turn it to make him spin the copter blades.Also, notice the cracks on his hand.His hands were so brittle, that when I took his shirt off to show his arm,his fingers got caught in some threads or something in his sleeve, and two of his fingers broke off! 
He also has one 'atomic' leg...

...and an 'atomic' eye.

His eye is actually a hole that carries light from a hole in the top of his head.

His eye supposedly 'flashes',but actually you have to cover and uncover the hole in the top of his head to make that happen.

The backstory written for Mike said he had been born with a disabled arm,leg, and eye.He developed his 'atomic' parts himself. His arm was able to lift 10.000 pounds, he could run 200 miles per hour,(Who knows how he did that with one atomic leg,I don't know. Must have been hard on the regular leg! Plus it has been pointed out that with only one atomic leg he would have run in a circle.),and he could see through 6 feet of solid steel with his atomic eye.
But how often do your enemies hide behind six feet of solid steel? As you can see, he has a G.I. Joe body.
Mike was the first G.I. Joe figure to be produced with painted hair after Joes started to be produced with flocked hair. He was still produced with flocked hair in Britain though.

Very early Mike figures had a tag in their clothes reading 'Bionic Man'. That must have caused the people who owned the rights to the real 'Bionic Man' to sit up and take notice,because later tags read 'Atomic Man'.
My Mike is what is sometimes called 'Malibu Mike', because his head and hands were made of a darker plastic than the rest of his body. These are the later Mike figures.

There were also various accessory sets and a playset sold for Mike:the Secret Mountain Outpost.

See you tomorrow for another doll.

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