Friday, March 31, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #90:Emma's Collection Part 2,Muppets Pop Vinyl,McDonalds,and More

  Yesterday we started a look at Emma's collection of various figures and toys. Today in part 2 we're checking out her Muppets.

Animal and Fozzie hanging out with a recent Goodwill find, Jazzie.
Emma got her love of Muppets from me. I always loved The Muppets,and when I was pregnant with Emma I stocked up on Muppet teethers and rattles and Emma's first calendar,on which I kept track of her first tooth, first word, first step, was Muppet babies. For Emma's first Christmas I gave her a Kermit doll I'd had in my own collection. When she was tiny she played with my collection of early 70's Sesame Street finger puppets in the bath every night.

And I've started her on her own collection of identical finger puppets (The three on the right.).She also has McDonald's Muppets toys and the Kermit on a motorcycle I think came form her visit to Disneyworld when she went with the orchestra, in high school.

I never really had a favourite Muppet,but Emma developed an affection for Gonzo.
And his buddy Rizzo the Rat.
She's also pretty fond of Janice from the Electric mayhem band, here with band leader Doctor Teeth.

The Fozzie was a recent Ebay purchase. She says she's disappointed because she doesn't think he's a very good Fozzie, but I covet him!

Emma also has these Muppets Minimates and a Kermit Pez:

And you saw the Super Grover Pop Vinyl.Well, he's not her only Sesame Street Pop Vinyl.

Super Grover, Bert, and Ernie Pop Vinyls.
And there are a few random Muppet things...

The thing on the right is a picture holder she got at Disneyworld.
Tomorrow we'll see what Emma has for Shrunken Saturday.

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