Sunday, January 5, 2014

Doll-A-Day, Day 5:Cloth Lady

  It's Day 5 of Doll-A-Day. Today's doll is this lady.
Her little arms are pink and her legs are white. She's either very like me, or she's wearing tights.

  All I know about her is that she's old, stands just under 6" tall, and is in very nice condition.I found her at the flea market and was struck by her beauty enough to talk the dealer down to half his price. I can't remember now if she was $8 and I talked him down to $4, or she was $4 and I talked him down to $2.
  She has cloth arms and legs, and a painted cloth face.
Eww! Is that a cobweb on my neck? It's ruining the effect of my pretty necklace! By the way,"Ouch!" That is a straight pin in the chest holding the shawl shut!

  I haven't ever tried bending her limbs to see if she's poseable. I didn't want to ruin her. She's nice just the way she is, so I didn't want her legs going all wonky on me. Or worse, snapping off! They seem more stuffed than wired.
  She has a very pretty outfit. I love the colours.

Her skirt is a pale blue with pale pink trim.
And her little boots are cute.

  I'm not sure what nationality you would say she is.Greek? Russian? Anybody have any ideas?

I'm not sure what her hair is made of.

There's beading on her hat.
There's just something about her. I just love her.She's definitely a keeper.

  She is so clean.(Apart from that unfortunate cob web. I have GOT to start wearing my glasses!)It's a good thing I rescued her. If she had stayed at the flea market,filled with weaponry and livestock, she would have undoubtedly become covered in dust and filth, like everything else there does.When I come home my black shoes have turned gray.
  That's the doll of the day. Until tomorrow...


  1. The fifth photo down or the very bottom photo might be the cover of my next album :P.
    Nice lighting though for serious.

  2. Thanks. Took those on the first landing with natural daylight.By the way, what's your 'album' title with that picture?

    1. Well in the indie music scene, it could be a title that has nothing to do with the photo, like..."Knuckle Belt"

  3. Dear Tam!

    I have just found Your blog and began to read from the first post. When I looked at this doll, my heart beated faster: she is like a Hungarian doll! I am from Hungary, middle of Europe and I think her outfit is one of our traditional costumes named 'palóc' (after a Hungarian landscape).
    Look at for example these links:



    Excuse me for the length of my comment. I hope You can read this and find the answer who this beauty can be :)

    Congratulations for Your collection, handmade dolls and blog!
    Best regards,
    A Hungarian doll-collector and blogger from

    1. Thanks so much for all that effort! I couldn't get them to work though. It says there is no match! I'll try using parts of them. I have seen a few other dolls very much like this one, in fact my daughter Ivy has one too. I think they were souvenir dolls, so they could very well be Hungarian.

  4. It could be a doll from Tschechoslowakia, too, or from Poland. Both have these boots, and Hungaria, as much as I know, always has green, white an red in the costume, their national colors. Definetely it is from the East, and not Greek :)

    1. Whatever she is, she's so pretty. I'll just appreciate her for herself!


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