Monday, October 20, 2014

Doll-A-Day 269: Soft Dolls Week: Maggie Raggies Rachel

  First of all, welcome Mommy and Me Dolls, our latest follower!
  Continuing Soft Dolls Week, today we are looking at Rachel.

She's a Maggie Raggies doll.

Check those bangs!

Maggie Raggies were a line of soft dolls made by Zapf from 2002 to 2007. They were sold in the U.S., but were a German product.

Maggie Raggies came in several sizes.

Like this Maggie Raggies baby.

Rachel is about 12" tall.
Rachel's legs look a little watery. I think she's "hankering for a hunk of cheese." (Time for Timer! To find out what I'm talking about, check out the animated 70's PSA for healthy snacks HERE  .)

There were larger Maggie Raggies too, including Sweetie Singer, who, duh! sang! The larger, 18"  Maggie Raggies had wire in their arms and legs for posing.

Rachel barely even has stuffing in hers.

The shoes are cute though.

She has Velcro on her hands, as they all did, so they could hold an accessory, each other's hands,their own hands,etc. She came with a stuffed yellow duck to hold, which I don't have.

Rachel's bangs are supposed to lay down, but they won't.

I thought the Maggie Raggies were so cute. I didn't buy any new, but when they hit yard sales and thrift stores I have to admit to having bought...a few...

Tomorrow we'll see another soft doll.

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