Friday, June 30, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #181: Twist N Turn Barbie

  Today's doll is one I've been 'taking care of' for Emma.(Yes Emma,If you're reading this,I have your doll and have for years. Hey,you knew about it.)

She's a Twist N Turn Barbie.

Twist N Turn Barbie was introduced in 1967.

The dolls were promoted with a trade-in deal. Kids sent in their old Barbie and paid $1.50 and received the new Twist N Turn Barbie.


I have to wonder what happened to all of the older dolls that were traded in.

TNT Barbie has rooted eyelashes...

...a twist waist, and very bendable knees.

She had some serious hair issues when I took charge of her.

 It's a bit thin on the one side especially,but I think I kind of disguised it.

I haven't put the elastic in though, because when it's pulled back the way it's supposed to be,her baldishness shows.

Oddly enough, her scalp is painted dark brown instead of orange. That's usually what you find with dolls whose hair has turned red due to oxidation. But her colour seems to be original.

She's wearing a 1970 Barbie dress called Flower Wower.

The commercial for a Twist N Turn Barbie featured Maureen McCormick,otherwise known as Marcia Brady. You can see the commercial Here.

Come back tomorrow for Shrunken Saturday.

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  1. Her hair may be thinning, but she's terribly pretty. I think some of the dolls turned in during that trade-in program were sold as "dressed dolls" overseas. I've seen some of them in Japanese packaging. Either that or they ended up being sold in baggies for a discount. Don't quote me on either of those though, LOL. Your doll is a knockout.


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