Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #219: Good Yard Sale Stuff and a Cute Vintage Girl

  Yay! We got our internet back today! No more sitting in the parking lot trying to get something done before the battery goes dead on the laptop.
  So I still have to catch up before I am back to normal.For yesterday's post I am backing up to the Friday before last,to show you the yard sale haul I made that day,and concentrate on one doll I got that day.Here's the big load.

Lots of good stuff that day!

Some DVDs and some vintage kid's books.
More kid's books,including one by Ezra Jack Keats, who wrote "The Snowy Day",and "The Tub People",about a family of tub toys. The kids liked this one when they were small.The American Girl things are games and paper dolls of Kirsten, Molly, and Samantha. Some of the paper doll clothes are still uncut.

A vintage My Friend Becky doll,some records,and a Fancy Nancy doll.

A Poppin' Fresh doll,a... Dawn? dress,a vintage flocked deer,the October angel,an Edward Gorey book,a really pretty old book called "The Bab Ballad",A pizza troll, and a really nice chair that's also a storage box.

A Strawberry Shortcake piano and a Nickelodeon "Doug" doll.
More vintage books and some mini Disney Princess things.This beautiful Mother Goose book from the 1930's,illustrated by Willy Pogany, may be my favourite thing I got that weekend.

That pieman looks pretty creepy.

Here's a closer look at the Dough Boy and friends.

Vintage hankies.
A Bitty Baby stroller and a smocked baby dress.

There's that Becky again.
An 18" doll desk,chair, and accessories,shoes, boots,(Some how I lost a pink boot on the way to the car.)
Here's that pile of clothes for 18" dolls again. They include Dolly & Me,Battat,Our Generation,and others. There's also a Bratz tent and some CDs, and an odd size Frozen Anna dress.

Some Holly Hobbie pillow shams.
A vintage tablecloth.
And here's the doll we're concentrating on today. She's this vintage girl.

I found her at a church sale. Her arms weren't attached, so the lady considered her 'broken' and sold her to me for a dollar.

She was wearing an ugly 90's real baby outfit. When I got her home I took it off her and found that she was wearing her original onesie. I'm sure she got to keep it because it can't be removed.

She has a sweet face. Unfortunately someone has tried painting rosy cheeks on her, and then removed them. Looks like they wouldn't come off all the way.
They got almost all of the paint off on one side.
Look at those cute chubby cheeks.

She has some amazingly coloured eyes.I'm not sure if this is the original colour,or if they have changed over the years. They are a beautiful shade of bluey green, plus they have brown highlights.

She also has some smokey eye shadow.

She has all her eyelashes, and her sleep eyes work perfectly.

There is some white discolouration which you can see here on the side of her face.It's also that way on her amrs and legs.

She has little teeth, and a felt tongue.

When I looked at these pictures I noticed that apparently they painted her lips too.You can see the original pink around the edges.

She has some glue discolouration around her ears.

When I pulled the sides of her hair back I could see the way her wig is sewn.

This side needed retucked to match the other side.

Her hair is a pretty colour,and her wig is in very nice condition.

That's quite a part in her hair.

She has long pigtails.

She has a crier that still works.

See those white speckles?

It's to bad, but she has a finger broken off both hands.

She has probably been a walker,but it doesn't work anymore.

She has a metal rod that runs from her legs up,so I'm guessing that is a walker mechanism.

I got the high chair at the church sale too,for another dollar.Maybe it has been hers all these years?

Her head doesn't move when her legs are moved.

Here's the way her legs are attached.

As you can see, when I got her home I reattached her arms with the big rubber band that was already on the hook of one of them.

Those little wings on the arm and the lump inside the arm hole mean that her arm can move, but with limited motion. They can only go back this far,

And they can only go up this far.

She has no markings of any kind.She's 22" tall.Does anybody recognize her?

I wish I knew a safe way to remove the paint. I'm afraid of melting the plastic with nail polish remover/acetate. Anybody have any good advice?

 Well,I'm almost caught up now! Still one more day to go before I am though.


  1. She's a cutie! But those white spots on her arm kind of look like the beginning of hard plastic disease so I would be hesitant to use anything much stronger than soapy water on her because it could hasten the progression. Try the simple one first - a bit of warm water and dishwashing liquid. If that doesn't work maybe a little window cleaner on a rag?

    1. Eh! That sounds creepy. What does it progress to?

  2. It's interesting to see nursery rhymes redrawn with a 1920s style. I also wonder if this artist influenced Mary Englebreit. I see hints of her style in some of these pictures.

    I think you missed mentioning Blue in there. My girls loved Blues Clues! When the Dancer was about three, she was in the hospital for a few days with a bad case of croup. For the first day or so, she watched Blue's Big Birthday and Cafe Blue. Over.and.over.and.over. Mr. BTEG was staying with her in the hospital, and he still gets the shakes thinking about it. :)

    1. Yes,I left Blue out. Too much stuff to mention! At least the Dancer wasn't watching Barney!
      I do see the Mary Englebreit to it, now you mention it.I like her too,so no wonder I like it.

    2. The Dancer was watching videos that we brought from home, and Barney was strictly forbidden at our house. :) Poor little thing was too sick to even play lying in her hospital crib, so she watched television a lot for the first while.

      I like Mary Englebreit, too. I'll always be happy that I got Ann Estelle from what was probably the last Tonner Ann Estelle line that will ever be made, and that M.E. signed the certificate of authenticity.

    3. Oh I hated Barney!I always thought he talked down to kids and sounded stupid. I tried to discourage the Barney thing! I want and Ann Estelle, but they are so expensive.

    4. Yes, the Ann Estelle dolls are still super popular on the secondary market, unfortunately for those of us who might like to buy a few more dolls.


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