Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 # 221:My Friend Becky

  Today's doll is this girl...or should I say,girls?

They're a pair of My Friend Becky dolls,from the My Friend Mandy series of dolls,made by fisher Price.

 I got the dressed Becky at a flea market last year. The other doll I got at a yard sale the weekend before last.

You may have seen my My Friend  Mikey from that series. If not,you can find his day HERE.

Cute freckles and dimples!

Becky was added to the My Friend Mandy line in 1982,three years before the line was discontinued.

The body is a firmly stuffed cloth, but the limbs and head are vinyl.

The arms can't hold a pose, but the legs are set in sockets in the body so the doll can stand unaided,and also sit down.

The dress is Becky's original, and so is the hat.

She should also have white shoes.

I now have to decide which doll I'm keeping. There are slight differences between them.

For one thing, they have different hair lengths.

Dressed girl needs her part rewoven. She's not really balding.

Has one had a haircut, or did they make them that way? It looks like it's meant to be that way.

Possible Haircut Girl has a cleaner,newer looking face.

But they are getting very attached to each other,sharing secrets and jokes.

I may have to keep them both...

The mystery flower that finally bloomed last year has bloomed again.

 It did something weird though. The leaves came up, as usual. I left them, since last year they finally turned into a real flower and bloomed, after years of being just random leaves that I left for months before giving up on them near the end of summer and mowing them down. But this year the leaves gave up on me, and died. I thought the flower wasn't going to do anything this year. But we had a lot of rain,days of it. I didn't go out into the yard for a few days, and when I did there was suddenly a flower stem about 2 1/2 feet tall where the leaves had been before they died off. It even had buds on it. And it has bloomed again,with more flowers than it had last year. I looked it up last year. I think it's some kind of Asian Lily.

See you tomorrow for another doll.


  1. They look so cute together! They could be twin sisters. :)

    1. Now see,you're just enabling me! ;)

    2. Yes, I am! :) Seriously, I guess if you really need the money, sell one of them, but they seem to enjoy being together.

    3. I don't want to,but guilt may compel me! I have too much stuff anyway.

  2. Hi Tam, Those dolls are so sweet faced and pretty red hair. Thanks for sharing them. Your " Mystery Flower " from your pictures looks like what we call around the Ozarks a " Naked Lady Flower. " I looked it up online and the botanical name is " Belladonna Lily. " I hope that helps you to identify it. I love those flowers, so that's why I just had to comment.

    Also you and a few others are my favorite doll blogs. You do such good work keeping up with your blog, that I look at yours the most. It is a wealth of beautiful photos and doll info. Thank you for sharing your dolls and your thoughts and feelings about them. I think that makes a well rounded doll blog. Best Wishes

    1. You may be right about the flower. It definitely looks the same,except mine has 6 flowers on it. I have noticed there are alot of them around this town,but I only have one pitiful little stem!
      Thanks so much for all the nice things you said! It's nice to hear someone appreciates the work. It makes it more fun to keep going. I hope you will keep reading when I go back to regular posting at the end of the year.


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