Friday, August 11, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #223: Shaving Fun Ken

  Today's doll is one I got at a garage sale today. He's Shaving Fun Ken.

Shaving Fun Ken was produced in 1994.

I bought this Ken from a young lady who must have been somewhere near my oldest child Emma's age,because she had many of the Barbie dolls I remember from Emma's childhood.

One reason I bought Ken was that he had all his gear. Oddly, most of this woman's dolls were wearing all their original outfits.

There was even this backpack that matched his shirt and his shorts in the tub of dolls. I don;t know if it's really his, but I bought it with him anyway.

The other reason I bought Ken was that for years I have had the song from the commercial stuck in my head,and have annoyed my kids by singing it: Shaving fun Keeeen!

The gimmick with Shaving Fun Ken was that his beard could be removed with his 'razor',which was a fake razor with sponge on it instead of a blade.

I tried warmth, and even ice. Neither removed this guy's beard.

This guy also has the same problem as a lot of male dolls with rooted hair:

I smoothed it,even combed it, but all I could get was a strange bouffant.

A little water helped, but it may go right back to the mop when it dries.
Check back tomorrow for Shrunken Saturday.

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