Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #242:Maiden Fairhair

  Today we're looking at a doll I just found. She's this pretty girl.

I got her today. She's Maiden Fairhair,Lady Lovely Locks' friend.

I think she's the prettiest doll from the Lady Lovely Locks line I've seen.

All the Lady Lovely Locks dolls have the same face sculpt,even the Prince, but she still  gets my vote for the prettiest.

You may have seen my posts on the other Lady Lovely Locks dolls Maiden Golden Wave and  Prince StrongHeart.

The Lady Lovely Locks dolls came with 'Pixie Tails'. That's these little guys.

Maiden Fairhair came with three Pixietails, and this girl has all three.

They're supposed to be chipmunks.
They are usually missing.The Pixietails are basically hair barretts with a hairy tail.

The shaped flaps with the holes ion her dress are to hold her Pixietails.

But there are only two.

She has long brown hair. It's in really nice condition, still silky and curly.

 She's missing her shoes,but her dress is super clean and bright.

Lovely Locks dolls came first, but have the same body as the later Mattel Stacie (sister of Barbie),but the head is completely different from Stacie's.

The one exception is,Stacie could only move her arms up and down, but not out like the LLL dolls.

LLL was made by Mattel and the body is copyright Those Characters From Cleveland.

The main problem with the  LLL dolls is that the arms and legs are prone to paling and spotting, like some of the Barbie dolls of the same era. This doll has some light discolouration on her legs which may or may not be the beginning of the spotty syndrome.

It barely shows up in these photos. That's really good for a LLL doll. The Prince I showed you on one of my other LLL posts has really bad spotty arms. Most of these dolls have it,so this girl is doing pretty well!

The LLL line only an for two years, 1987 to 1989.

See you tomorrow for another doll.


  1. I think this doll is very pretty, although I may be partially biased by the fact that she is also very 80s. Still, her hairstyle and dress are also nicer than a lot of stuff on dolls of today.

    1. I know you like your 80's dolls. I do think she's pretty, but I'd take a 60's doll over her any time.


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