Sunday, August 20, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #232: Awesome Skateboard Janet

  Today we're looking at this cute girl.

She's Awesome Skateboard Janet.

She would have looked like this in her box.

Janet was one of the friends of Barbie's sister Stacie.

There were several Janet's produced, including Flashlight Fun Janet,Bicyclin' Janet,Gymnast Janet,Polly Pocket Janet,Happy Meal Janet,and Bowling Party Janet.

This Janet is my favourite though. I think she's the cutest Stacie or Stacie friend doll ever made.

She's from 2000.

You can see the commercial for the Awesome Skateboard dolls HERE.

You might have seen Awesome Skateboard Whitney on Doll-A-Day #123. To learn more about the Awesome Skateboard dolls, see the Whitney post.

These aren't Janet's original clothes. I think the dress is a Moxie Girls dress.

But the shoes are hers, because they aren't removable.

The Skateboard dolls are pretty posable,with a jointed waist, elbows,knees,and ankles.


While digging for a bicycle for her to pose with I ran across this basketball. It occurred to me that I tend to pose girl dolls with things like the arch in these pictures, and boy dolls with balls and cars or baseball bats. That is unfair, and unlike me.(All my kids played with Legos,K'Nex,cars,dolls, and art supplies like paints,and clay. That includes my girls and my boy.) So I thought,why not use the basketball.

Her head tilts as well as turn side to side.

She has one big head of hair!

There are still a few remnants of the multicoloured elastic on the ends of her braids.
As with Awesome Skateboard Whitney,her only drawback is her weird lip colour. If she didn't have the purple lips! Looks like she's not getting enough oxygen.

  Tomorrow is the solar eclipse. Don't forget you can't look at it without protective eyewear,and NORMAL SUNGLASSES WILL NOT DO!You can't look at the sun, but you can look at the blog for another doll. See you tomorrow.


  1. Wow, she is very cute. I love her hair. I didn't know their shoes were not removable. I have 'Bicyclin Janet but she is not as easy to pose as her joints were made loose to ride the bike.

    1. Yes, she has great hair! The doll I made of daughter Emma was made from Bicyclin' Stacie, and she could originally lock her knees to put her into a standing pose,but the joints became loose with play and weren't stiff any more.(And I can't tell you how many times her knee broke!) When her joints got really loose and floppy,and Emma took her in the bathtub,it was freaky to watch her float around in the water on her back.The movement of the water made her legs 'kick' like she was swimming!


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