Thursday, August 24, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #236: Madame Alexander 'Travel Friends' China

  Today's doll is the Madame Alexander Travel Friends doll from China.

I got her a while back at Tuesday Morning.

As you can see, she was $7.99. Her box says "Nihao!" That's Chinese for "Hi there!", according to Google Translator, and "Hello", according to her box. .

You may have seen my review of my India Travel Friend. If not, you can check that out HERE. I also have the Ireland Travel Friend. They all have the same face, but as you know, a different paint job and hair can make that same old face look completely different.

And they're all so cute! As you can see,my sweet peas are still blooming.

I like the frog closure (That doesn't really close anything.),but I don't care for the dress much.
Her eyes are sort of dark gray.

They had several of the Travel Friends when I got this one. I chose her because my other dark haired one has no bangs. i thought that would put some variety in the group. That doesn't mean i don't still want the Mexico doll,who also has dark hair and bangs!

She has long braids and a long strip of hair down each side. By the way, this dress doesn't stay Velcroed very well.

I think in my attempt to get her loose from her packaging I stretched her one strip of hair out and ruined the curl. one is much longer and straighter than the other

She's posing with the clover in my garden spot. It started on it's own and I let it grow for our bunny Jerome. Sadly,Jerome passed away last week. He was a rescued rabbit that my friend Lori and I found abandoned at a park after the county fair a few years ago. You may have read about his rescue HERE. He must have been at least 5 years old, so that's about average for a bunny.Bye bye Jerome. We will miss you.

The Travel Friends have jointed elbows and knees,and shoulders and legs that have joints that allow them to move outward as well as back and forth.

The joints are sometimes hard to manipulate, and the neck is stiff. The head can only turn, and not tilt.

She can stand on her own,nd I did manage to get her balanced for this photo.

But for all of these she needed some invisible means of support.

Or in this case, a visible one too! She was also being supported in back.

She couldn't balance on her own here, but she is showing you how the shoulder joints work.

The arms can also swivel on the elbow joints.

The Travel Friends are 7" tall.

There have been other lines added since the original international Travel Friends were introduced a few years ago. Tomorrow we'll look at one of the more recent dolls.


  1. Love your posts,recently discovered your blog!

  2. I go back and forth between really liking the Travel Friends dolls, and wanting to ditch mine. Looking forward to seeing the next doll is!


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