Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #228: Project MC2 Ember's Glitter tattoos

  Today's doll is one that has been around my house for a while,but I only opened her today. She's my early anniversary present, because I thought she needed photographed with flowers,and my anniversary isn't until September. Here she is.

She's Ember, from Project MC2.

She's the first project Mc2 doll I've had straight from the store. All my others are second hand. You can see them HERE,and HERE.
This isn't the first Ember. There was another articulated Ember with a project called Ember's Garden.and at least one Ember with limited jointing.

She's also not part of the new line that is just now coming out. She has been out for a while and is starting to disappear from shelves.

Here she is with the other dolls in the series.

She's the more articulated version of Ember.

She has jointed elbows, wrists, and knees.

She has a 'henna-ed'  hand.

Her wrist was sewn to her skirt.

Her belt looks nice, but isn't quite as delicate as the one the real girl on the box is wearing.

The plastic flowers on her head don't look nearly as nice next to real flowers, but they are pretty.

She's wearing clunky blue cowboy boots.

 I guess boots like this with a very feminine dress like she's wearing are a thing.Just not my thing.

I'm not into cowboy boots myself,(Not since I had a pair as a kid.),but these are pretty. I just wouldn't put them with a dress like this.

 I think my age is showing.

She's also the version of Ember that comes with a 'project'.

You can make your own glitter tattoos.

She has bright blue inset eyes and freckles.

She also has 'real', not painted eyelashes

I love her realistic lips.

Her red hair is really long,and made up of a mix of shades.

There isn't much curl.

She was connected to her box backing by loads of little plastic ties.

They were so tight that apparently I cut some of her hair trying to get her loose. I discovered this when I combed her hair and got this.

While posing Ember I was really surprised when her right leg popped off at the knee!

It popped right back in, but came out another couple of times before I finished.

In spite of their articulation, these dolls aren't as posable as they look. Ember can't sit with her knees together,cross her legs,or even touch her face.

As you may have noticed, Ember is very photogenic though,or at least,I think so.

See you tomorrow for,what else,another doll.

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  1. This doll is so pretty! I haven't really felt the need to own any of the MC2 dolls until just recently - they just came out with a white haired one with dragon wings. I will be buying that one! I would have gotten it already but our Target only has one and it is missing a hand. Seems like someone in quality control should have noticed a missing appendage! :O


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