Monday, August 28, 2017

Doll--A-Day 2017 #240: Wee Three Friends Janet

  It was a dark rainy day today. Fittingly,today's doll is this girl.

She's Stacie's friend Janet from the Wee Three Friends series of dolls.

The Wee Three Friends dolls were a large version of Barbie's sister Stacie, and her friends Janet and Whitney,although for the Wee Three dolls were called Stacie,Janet, and Lila.

They measure 9" tall. The  same body was also used for Mattel's What's Her Face dolls. 

So she has the same big feet as What's Her Face. Her head is bigger than the faceless What's Her Face though.

 She's wearing a raincoat from the Rain! Rain! Rain! set of dolls,but she actually came from a different set.

The Rain! Rain! Rain! Janet had bangs. This girl has no bangs,and a bit of crimp to her hair.

Actually, she's wearing a raincoat from the set, but not her own. Hers was orange. This pink one belongs to Lila. Stacie's was yellow.

The face of the Wee Three friends bears no resemblance to the smaller,original Stacie and friends dolls.

Later versions of the Wee Three Friends had jointed elbows.

There were several sets of the Wee Three Friends before the line was dropped. Dream Sleepover was a sleepover set. Party! Party! Party! was a birthday party set. Snow! Snow! Snow!,featured the girls in coats and snow boots. Dance!Dance! Dance had the girls dressed in ballet outfits. Splash! Splash! Splash! was a beach themed set. There was also a set called Fun! Fun! Fun!. Emma,who had collected all the Stacie dolls, only felt the need to have one of these sets as a representation. The Wee Three Friends version of Stacie was used in a couple of sets with the large, 6" version of her sister Kelly. (You can see my post on the 6" Kelly HERE.)The sets were Playground Friends and Snoozin' Sisters. Other than Stacie appearing in those sets with Kelly, the Wee Three girls were only available in the thee doll sets. No additional fashions were produced for the Wee girls,but some Barbie clothes fit them.
   Tomorrow is another day. I'll see you then for another doll


  1. I've got about a million of these! I love them! And after Wee Three Friends there was Star Team Stacie where the dolls were packaged individually dressed for different activities. They were all called Stacie then. A lot of my Janets (or Stacie with Janet's colouring) have developed a weird yellowish discolouration around their hairline, mostly where there hair has touched their faces. It's really frustrating.

    1. I don't think we got those here. (You're in Australia,right?)I could be wrong. I know some of the Lilas pale out, but I haven't seen the other problem you're talking about. That's weird.

  2. I have the Snow Snow Snow three doll set. At this point, I kind of value the clothes more than the dolls, as some of the clothes work well on other dolls. Even some of the boots will work for my Makies doll, if you remove her feet.

    Your Janet's eyes are very pretty. You probably already know this, but this doll is not the version from Snow Snow Snow either.

    1. They did have some cute clothes. They do work for other dolls. I have used some of them on the regular Stacie sized dolls. Don't forget that the What's Her Face has the same body, so any of their clothes will work too. Most of them were ugly vinyl things, but not all.


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